Virginia Auto Transport

“A boozing party could win you a seat in Virginia”. Because that’s where Mr.George Washington got wrong in 1755. Virginians are so fond of alcohol that politicians pitch them on it in the elections. Yet again in 1758 he gave away free alcohol to every citizen and won the seat. And I kid you not! That was a bit of intro regarding the people of Virginia. But that’s not it. Virginia is historically among the richest states of America. Most of the presidents were from here and 6 first ladies of America were born in Virginia.  But let's not drag away from the topic and see what mindset you need to have if you want to ship your car to Virginia and the factors which you need to consider. What would it cost to ship from Virginia to other states? so on and so forth. There you go:

Weather of Virginia and its effect on auto transport 

The climate of Virginia stays mild but in some of the areas, it could surprise you with some absurd disasters. It usually rains in Virginia but sometimes things get out of control. In the coastal areas of Virginia often tornadoes, windstorms, and cyclones hit. Who could forget the Hurricane Isabel it devastated the citizens of Virginia. According to Wikipedia  “Hurricane Isabel in 2003 brought much destruction from wind and rain, killing 10 directly and doing nearly two billion dollars in damage”.

Leveraging the right ways and methods

This is something that totally depends on your vehicle, on your budget or as per your choice. When you want auto transport from Virginia then weather does play an important role in shipping methods. The simple rule of thumb is if your car is a luxury or classic car and you have spent thousands of dollars on it. Then why do penny-pinching on cost when vehicle shipping to Virginia? Your priority should be “protection” of your vehicle then. In the case of your regular sedan and when the area during auto transport of Virginia has a mild weather then you should go for an open carrier without thinking twice.  That was about the ways to be used when car shipping to Virginia. There’s another important factor, and I would even say that the factor which in actuality is the determinant of cost-efficiency. Keep in mind that it's the method of shipping that saves you big bucks. A trailer would make a difference in cost but not a significant difference.

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Most common routes to Virginia

The reason to know what are the common auto transport routes to Virginia has significant importance. Why is it important? The substantiality of it is about the cost. All the vehicle shipping companies assign some specific routes to truckers. So that they become well aware of the route and build a good network. The purpose of you to know what are the common routes to Virginia is the cost gets significantly low if you ship on a common route. If not, and the area is a remote area you would be bound to pay a higher price. Here are the most common lanes to Virginia:

  • Virginia to New York.
  • Virginia to Illinois.
  • Virginia to California.
  • Virginia to New Jersey.

Cost of shipping from Virginia to different states:

Virginia to Illinois car shipping:

Do you want to move from Virginia to the “Windy state” and eat some Chicago style pizza and hotdogs? But you are forgetting the fact that you also need your car to be shipped. And in order to do that you need to have good knowledge of the cost associated with it. Shipping a sedan would cost you a mere $445 and an SUV will be slightly costlier at $485.

Shipping from Virginia to Arizona:   

Have you planned for auto transportation of your car from Virginia, “the state of booze party experts” to smell the deserts of Arizona? But there's a cost aligned to it. And even though its a common route but the cost is pretty high. You would have to have a heavy pocket comparatively to do so. For the auto shipping from Virginia of a car would cost you 41044 and for the transportation of an SUV, it would cost you $1200.  Car moving from Virginia to Florida: From Walt Disney to Miami beach to the beautiful National Parks there’s nothing that Florida doesn’t have. Probably this would be the reason for your visit to the Florida state. But how much will the shipment of your car cost? For a car, it is $500 and for an SUV it’s around $600. Although the distance is less this is among the cheapest routes as per the cost.