South Carolina Auto Transport

A state with 4.7 million residents and 40th largest state if you measure in terms of area. Being located in the southeastern part of the US, the eastern region is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. South Carolina was also the first state to free itself from the slavery of Great Britain during the American Civil War. In terms of tourism, South Carolina has a lot to offer to their visitors like plantations, mansions, beaches, fishing, hiking, and hunting. Most people visit South Carolina for outdoor activities.  Not only this South Carolina also offers delicious food made with a classy southern touch. You can learn more about the history by visiting Charleston. The old school architectural masterpiece and friendly people of Charleston would make you love this place.

Weather at South Carolina

The weather in South Carolina is warm and pleasant the year round. Such weather makes the beach more attractive and lovely. Average winter temperature in South Carolina remains 10 °C. The temperature in summer can go as high as 33 °C with high humidity level as well. The best time to visit South Carolina in terms of weather is springtime between March and May.

Shipping Routes

A big part of the state is unable to connect with any major interstate but fortunately, there are some areas like Greenville metro area which is a famous location in terms of transportation in this state. The reason Greenville metro area is famous for transportation is that I-85 and I-26 go through this area of the state. Another area famous for transportation is Columbia which host I-20. I-26 is particularly important because it intersects with I-95, which is the busiest highway in the United State.

South Carolina Auto Transport Services

Like South Dakota, a big part of South Carolina is also rural that's why it's a good place of outdoor recreation but this also means less public transport in these rural areas. To explore the state fully then you are in dire need of a car. Thanks to the auto shipping companies it's possible for you to ship your car in this state. As I-85, I-26 and I-20 all fall in this state, which makes South Carolina a good option for auto shippers.

It's always good to remember some important tips before booking your car with any South Carolina Auto Transport.

  1. Terminals:

Communicate with the auto shipping companies regarding their terminals or the point of delivery. You need to be close to the terminal as the area is pretty much rural in South Carolina. Terminal to terminal South Carolina Auto transport is also cheaper than door to door so in this case, you can save money as well.

  1. Fit to Drive:

Driving a car in rural areas doesn’t create stress in your mind alone but it gives more stress to the car. It’s always better when you are shipping your car in such areas to get a proper check up from your mechanic before shipping it. The first thing you should be doing when your car gets delivered is to find a nearby mechanic, again to check the car is fit for running. In South Carolina, you are going to use your car as much as your feet so it's important that the car is fit for driving.

  1. Insured Auto Transport:

Always make sure before finalizing your shipment that the vehicle shipping company is insured.

  1. Taking Cost estimates:

Having a good back up research related to the cost of South Carolina auto transport using different services and trailers is always good for negotiation purpose. Open south Carolina car transport will be less expensive as compare to enclosed auto transport to South Carolina. If you are moving your exotic vehicle to South Carolina then try to book your shipment as early as possible because exotic car transport availability is low because of low demand.

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  1. The door to Door South Carolina Car delivery Service:

South Carolina is mostly rural with unbalanced and poorly maintained roads. Car haulers would demand extra for delivering your car in such areas. The door to door vehicle hauling is mostly suitable for major cities with wide roads. Even in cities with narrow roads makes door to door service difficult.

  1. Cover your Car:

Ask the open trailer shipping service provider to cover your car properly during the transit. As the temperature is usually high in South Carolina and the area is mostly rural so covering your car will protect it from both the sun and dust.

  1. Company’s Reputation:

Whenever and wherever you are shipping your car always check the company reputation of that auto shipping company. To check the reputation you can read the reviews and feedback of the customers. You can also ask your friends those who have previously shipped their vehicle to South Carolina, their feedback can be really helpful.

  1. Avoid Being a Snowbirds:

As South Carolina is a haven for snowbirds which moves from cold places in search to camp in the warm regions of the US. The great white sandy beaches with the sun always shining brightly on the top is the perfect place for the snowbirds to avoid snow and take refuge in the warm sunny days in South Carolina. Snowbirds belong to different states even snowbirds from Canada moves towards South Carolina. So, in winter the auto transporters are fully packed with the shipment orders related to snowbirds. Planning to ship your car to South Carolina this time means waiting in queues, paying extra to the auto shipping service provider and your car will be delivered in bad weather conditions. Until unless there is no option but to relocate to South Carolina then you have to bear this pain. But if you are going South Carolina for tourism purpose then it better to wait until March or April. In this way, you can avoid high demand created by the snowbirds.

Shipping Quotes

The interesting part is now you can have auto shipping quotes easily all you need to do is visit ATC enter the location from where your vehicle will be picked up and the drop off location, after then enter the vehicle info and check on the service and trailer e.g (door to door or terminal to terminal auto transport service / open trailer or enclosed trailer) by doing this the system would generate the shipping quote for you. With the high demand for auto transport in the US, the numbers of car transport companies are increasing in numbers. In order to increase their customer base, new shipping companies offer low prices which don’t match the quality of transportation. Another probable reason for low prices is also due to the inclusion of incapable staff members. If that’s the case then there is a high chance that their lack of experience might damage your car in one way or another.

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