ATC Privacy Policy

Necessary Information

In order to gain full access to our website and marketplace, you must enroll in our services by filling out the registration form. The registration form will require you to list your Name, Phone Number, Email address, and to create a username and password.

Without enrolling in membership, you will only be able to browse our website; you will not be able to react or contract with other members of ATC.

In order to make a transaction, you will be required to share your credit card or other card on file. Financial information such as bank accounts may be required in order to determine eligibility for membership.

Use of Information

Your personal information allows us to monitor your use of our website. It also allows us to offer to individual members special promotions and other features of our service.


From time to time receive notifications from ATC. May receive notification from us at the following times:
  • When you sign up for our services and website, you will receive a welcome notification from ATC.
  • Notification will also include a link to help guide you through the proper way to use the ATC marketplace website.
  • If at any time the terms and conditions of our user agreement or private policy changes, you will receive notification through our email or other electronic methods.
  • You may receive notification if ATC adds new features or benefits on our website.
  • You will also receive notification if there is any suspicious activity on your account.
  • Any notice of suspension or revocation of your account would be sent to you electronically through email or other electronic method.

Discretion at ATC

You do not believe in the sharing of your personal inform with anyone. However, there are exceptions where your information may be shared or disclosed under certain limited conditions. These conditions may include: ATC interface: ATC use of a public platform. Each member has access to other members’ profiles. Under those conditions, some of your information may be shared with other members. Information shared may include, but is not limited to, your profile being shared, history of your bids, comments or feedback information or your email address. Legal Requirements: ATC is to comply with all federal, state and local laws and regulations. Those laws and/or regulations may require that ATC provide information to those agencies in compliance with a subpoena as part of the legal process. Third Party Operations: From time to time, ATC may be required to use third-party services in order to accommodate its members provide for benefits of our members. Third parties used will be required to sign confidential agreements in order to protect the privacy of our members.

Automated Information

Certain information is required by our server in order to communicate with and coordinate with other computers. Our server keeps records of ISP’s (internet service providers), email addresses, date and time stamps, browser types use along with what version, as wells as use and viewer history. ATC may make use of this information for business purposes to improve our platform and better serve our members.


From time to time, ATC may obtain the services of third-party companies in order to assist us with our marketing strategies. That third party contractor may need information from our database in order to effectively tailor our marketing strategies and to improve our site. The third-party will be able to gather from our server, information based on members’ activities and browsing histories, and use of our market place.

Personal information

ATC preserves and protects your private and personal information for so long as your membership is active.

Safety and Security

In order to provide a safe and secure method for handling information, our server/platform uses SSL (secure socket layer) in order to encode that information for storage.

Amendments to privacy files

Members will be notified by email and/or other electronical transmission methods, if any changes are made to this privacy policy. ATC reserves the right to change and/or modify the privacy policies at any time.

Last Revised Date: April 3, 2018