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The privacy policy is served as a notice of consent of approval from you to render us your personal details and information for the usage of our website and our services. The privacy policy and user agreement have to consent from your side in order to avail and gain access to our platform. Unable to do so will no longer be our obligation to render you full access to our website and to avail our services; You will only be to browse our website. It is of utmost important to us, the severity of your information and your data. We use several methods in order to provide a safe and secure platform to you and in order to acquire our services. We also review our privacy policy and terms and conditions occasionally and you’re required to view them in order to be on the same page with us in regards to our policies and terms.

Gathering Your Information

Necessary requirements for gaining full access to our website, you are obligated to sign up and fill out the registration form, where you have to put down your Name, Phone Number, Email address, your username and password. Without signing up, you can still visit our website but your access to our website and our services will be limited. You will not be able to buy, sell or make any kind of transaction or gaining interaction with any of members of ATC. For making transaction, You are liable to share your credit card information and other financial information with us in order for you to eligible for making the purchase and/or gaining the business by selling your services. There are other several ways that we track down your information. Many of them include when you make or receive a feedback, post questions and queries on our discussion forums, List shipments or send a personal correspondence to us whether by email or letters.

Using Your Information

Your personal information is crucial for establishing and maintaining the website. Your personal information assists us in monitoring your interaction on the website and uphold our User Agreement, offer you about latest promotions and features of our services. We would also be able upgrade our venue and services by viewing your activities on our platform and try to eliminate errors, bugs and glitches. 0 By using your activities and your information, we would also be able to make and offer new promotional offers tailored to needs and requirements.

Interactions with You

There are many times you will receive notifications from us. These notifications may come for various reasons. You will get notifications from us when:
  • You sign up on our website, you will receive a “Welcome” notification from ATC to give you warm regards from our side and give you a “how it works” link to know how to use ATC
  • Sometimes you will get promotional emails from us for you to avail
  • We change our terms and conditions or change privacy policies.
  • We change the outlook of our website or we offer you a new feature to use on our website.
  • Any the suspicious activity made from your side; this also includes the email of suspension and/or removal of your account.

Discretion of Information

ATC does not believe in sharing your personal and private information with anyone to uphold the sanctity of this policy. Nevertheless, there are few exceptions where your information gets shared and/or disclosed under these but limited to these following conditions. ATC interface: ATC provides a public profile to you and everyone in its platform. Therefore, it is imperative that some of your information will be shared and disclosed to the public. The information includes but not limited to your profile picture, your bids, comments, feedback and email address. Whenever you post a bid, list shipment, make a comment or interact on ATC platform in any way these information will be shared and disclosed on the ATC community. Legal Requirements: ATC always comply with the Law enforcement officials, and cooperates fully with sharing any and/or every information relating to yours in their investigation of any illicit activity without issuing a subpoena. These co-operations are made to provide a safe and secure environment to prevent you and other ATC members from any fraudulent activities and from any financial loss or damages. Other than these major factors, we have reserved the right to protect your privacy and your personal information and will not provide any information without a legal court order or a subpoena. Third Party Services for Our Operations: We may acquire the services of third parties in order to outsource and/or delegate our business operations to accommodate you and thereupon your personal and private information have to be provided to them. Our third parties have signed confidentiality agreements with us that they are legally obligated to abide by, and their involvement in the operation would be purely and entirely about providing their facility for the particular purpose. Unless or until you provide and given them additional and/or extra information that is unbeknownst to ATC. Then, the privacy policy of that third party will be applicable. Example of such third party is PayPal that provides a payment processing function. Even though we adhere to follow industrial standard practices to protect your private and personal information, ATC is not responsible to protect all your personal and private information from being disclosed from what is described but not limited to this Privacy Policy. We are authorized to disclose and share your private and personal information with law enforcement agencies, to government or third parties under certain circumstances. Your shared information with these third parties may be illicitly misused or intercepted or private communications, these users may abuse or misuse this information for their personal gain. ATC will not be held responsible and liable to and you should not be expecting us to be culpable or responsible in relation to any of these activities.

Automated Information

As in cases of many websites, our server also automatically picks up user’s information in form of their IP (internet protocol) address to sign in to our website, ISPs (internet service provider), email addresses, date/time stamp, browser type and versions, purchase and view history. ATC utilizes this data in order to estimate and analyze trends, monitor user’s activity on the website, to analyse the regions from where the most traffic comes and finally to improve our platform and to serve our users better.

Personalized Marketing

We have affiliations with third party to manage and operate our marketing activities. Our third party uses technology in order to gain and gather your information based on your activities on your browsing history and activities on our platform and strive to provide tailored advertisements according to your needs and requirements.

Networking with other Websites

Always be attentive when ATC connects you to other websites, as these websites are out of the ATC’s jurisdiction. Hence, the terms and conditions and the privacy policy will be applicable and be followed of that particular connected website. This may include but not limited to Google Maps services. We use their API(s) in finding out the locations and other various tracking services.

Recommendations and Credentials

We proudly showcase recommendations of happy and satisfied customers on our website. However, at any given time, you wish to edit or request to remove your name and/or recommendation from our website, you may contact at

Retaining Your Personal Information

Usage of your private and personal information depends on the request from your side. We will provide the necessary guidelines on whether we withhold, seize or process in accordance with the third party. If at any time, you may wish not to use or acquire our services, You need to contact our Customer Support Team in order to either update, remove or deactivate your account. We have the right to preserve and withhold your private and personal information as long as you are acquiring our services and/or until your account is still activated. We will further retain your personal information on the basis of our legal obligations and to uphold our agreements and to resolve conflicts.

Safety and Security

The sanctity of your information is imperative to us. To provide a safe and secure way to handle your delicate information (e.g. credit card information) on our platform we use SSL (secure socket layer) to encode that information. We adhere to industry standards in order to preserve your delicate information, that includes your provided email address, both during and after submission. Nevertheless, there has not been any methods of submission on the web or the internet, electronic storage method, that provides absolute safety and security. Thus, we are not liable to give you 100% assurance or guarantee in protecting your sensitive information on using our website.

Developments in Enterprise

In case of development in our enterprise, with respect to the dissolution, acquisition by another party, amalgamation, or partnership, or sale of all or part of the assets; your personal and private information, involving your email address, will be transferred or transmitted as well. In case of any such transitions of our business enterprise, we will notify you via email about such changes and the control of your personal information.

Amendments in Privacy Policy

If and/or when we ever decide on amending our privacy policies, we will ensure that those changes and/or amendments are posted on this page and other related web pages where we think is suitable. You will also be able to know what will these new and/or modified policies assist us in collecting, accessing, sharing and even disclosing your information on our platform. You will also get an email notification on such changes, until or unless you blocked and/or unsubscribe from our notifications. ATC has the right to change and/or modify its privacy policies at any time, so be sure to check our policies from time to time.

Last Revised Date: November 1, 2017

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