Illinois Auto Transport

Home of the world's first Skyscraper and also the first Aquarium which was built in Chicago. It has lots of smaller towns and is an ideal place to relocate for business purpose and also for those who are looking to start a family. Auto Transport City is an online marketplace where highly qualified and experienced service providers that excel at car shipping to all over the cities of Illinois.


Car Shipping Companies

When you’re about to hire a car transport company, there are a few basic guidelines to look into. For instance, check their credibility by looking them up online, view their past performances and reviews, and check their feedback.  Auto Transport City provides such a platform that includes all of these features and so much more. All these features are meant to provide a safe and reliable user experience. These features encourage you to acquire their services in the future as well.

Weather Conditions to Consider

Extreme weather conditions are an integral part of the delay in auto transport. With an average of 50 thunderstorms and 35 tornadoes annually, it has the major effects on the delay of car transport. It's better to book ahead of schedule to transport your vehicle.

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Price Factors to Consider

There are many factors of price to put into consideration such as the cost of fuel, size of the vehicle (a sedan, an SUV or a van), pick-up and drop-off locations, all have major impacts on the cost of car transport. There is also the type of transport to consider that impacts on the cost of shipping. There are two types of transport, terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door. Terminal-to-terminal transport is used where you have to pick up or drop off your vehicle to a specified shipping terminal. In door-to-door, the vehicle is transported to your desired location without you moving a muscle. The other factor to consider is the type of carrier to hire. There are two types of carriers, open and enclosed carriers. Open carriers are used most commonly as it is less costly. However, it is not recommended due to extreme weather conditions in Illinois. Enclosed carriers are the safest way to transport your vehicle as it is fully covered, it provides shelter and discretion for your vehicle. Therefore they can be a little expensive than open carriers.

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