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Wanna go on an adventure with lots and lots of wildness? Then only Utah can fulfill this desire. 12 national parks to grand canyon and deserts in the south while north holds the treasure of the snow-packed misty mountains. Utah is a complete package for those who love to see the beauty of nature in its most stunning way.

Places to visit in Utah

These are a must visit places while you go to Utah:


  • Zion National Park
  • Salt Lake City:
  • Four Corners: it is the place where four US states touch each other which makes Utah ever more heart touching for the visitors.
  • Monument Valley
  • Bryce Canyon National Park
  • A chance to see the shiny milky way over the grand canyon on a moonless night.


There are some interesting facts about this state of the US called “Utah”. Much part if Utah is desert. As per total area ranking of the different states of the U.S, Utah comes at 13th. But when we rank it in terms of population Utah ranks at 34th. The total population count of Utah is nearly 3 million and the interesting part is out of these 3 million, 80% live in the salt lake city.  

Utah Weather

In the middle of the mountains, the weather of Utah shows its true colors as summer are hot and winter is cold. The temperature in summer reaches to average 33 °C to 38 °C and in winter night temperature falls to as low as -12 °C. The hottest day people of Utah has seen was on July 5, 1985, when the temperature reaches to 47 °C.

With such hot and cold weather, autumn is a good time to visit Utah.

Utah Auto Transport

The state is mostly covered with great mountains and deserts so there is not much room for the auto transporters to move the vehicle easily into Utah.

But it’s not impossible thanks to the interstate 80 or I-80 which goes through Salt Lake City and that’s the reason why Salt Lake City is the preferable place for car shipping companies.


However, if your destination is other than Salt Lake City in Utah than I am afraid that you may have to sit back and wait till carrier gets full to move that way. The auto hauler demands more money for Utah Auto transport. The reason why thing gets little slower or why the vehicle haulers start feeling lazy when they hear about Utah car shipping. The most traveled city in Utah in Salt lake city and about 80% of whole state population lives there. And there are just a few numbers of ways to ship the car in or out the city.


  • The traffic conditions also create difficulties for the car hauler to provide auto delivery services on time.
  • I-80 is mostly populated with auto transporter as the highway starts from San Francisco, California and ends at Teaneck, New Jersey. Around 33 cities fall on this highway. With low demand and longer routes plus several other attractive options for the car transport companies to make money from, are some reasons the auto haulers charge big for vehicle delivery in Utah.
  • Utah law for pedestrian crossing also slows thing down for the drivers as they need to completely stop or slow down the truck. Wide roads in Salt Lake city means more pedestrian crossing.
  • As Utah Auto transport is less favorable for cars shipping companies so before finalizing the shipment you have to look out for few things on your own:
  • Calculate the cost by checking the car shipping quotes available on different car shipping websites.
  • Do not forget to ask your car delivery service providers about the exact time it would take to deliver the car. I-80 is a busy route so the delays are common.
  • As auto transport companies already charge high for vehicle delivery in Utah so its better for you to compare prices related to the different vehicle moving services and methods.
  • The route from which your car is going to be shipped so that you can have the fair estimate of time and cost.
  • If you are shipping your car to Utah in winter or summer so it wise to prepare your car for summer hotness if you are shipping the car in summer. And if it’s winter then you need to prepare your car for winter as well. It will prevent any weather-related damages which could harm your vehicle during the transit.  


There are  two ways of shipping your car to Utah:

The Door to Door Utah Car Transport:

In this service, the vehicle hauler will load your car in front of your door and unload it at your preferred destination. As charges related Utah car transport is relatively high due to low demand for car shipping in this state so it's better to confirm the exact price to ship your car to Utah.

Terminal to terminal Utah Car Transport:

This type of service requires some footwork as you have to drop your car at the terminal and when the car hauler has enough cars to feel good to go he then loads your vehicle on the trailer for vehicle delivery. It’s better to communicate how long your vehicle will remain on the terminal as the demand of Utah car transport is already low.

Two types of trailers are always available to you for Utah Auto transport:

Open auto transport

Utah auto transport using open trailers usually come easy on your pocket and is more readily up for grasp.

Enclosed vehicle transport

Utah auto transport using enclosed trailers is an expensive option and usually come in handy when you own exotic car and the only fair car moving option is Enclosed Exotic car transport.

Average shipping cost

The average cost of shipping your vehicle from New York to Utah would be around $844 to $1800 subject to vehicle shipping services and the method you choose (e.g open or enclosed).


Moving your vehicle to Utah is not as difficult as it sounds. Less demand for Utah auto transport due to less population in the states make car delivery more expensive per mile as compare to other states but you can ship your vehicle to Utah without getting worried.

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