New Jersey Auto Transport

Even though it is a peninsula and one of the smallest states in the country but it doesn’t stop it from being the most densely populated states among all the other fifty states. There are lots of history behind this great state, and its economy is hugely dependent on its transportation and tourism industry.  New Jersey has a well-developed infrastructure of the transportation system. The transportation system paves the way for other states to connect with this state such as New York and Pennsylvania. There is a diverse range of must-visit places in New Jersey as it is the third state to ratify the US Constitution. It goes without saying; there are numerous amounts of historical sites and museums during the Revolutionary War era that every American citizen should look forward to.


Atlantic City and The Boardwalk

The say the least; New Jersey has the most well-reputed seaside resort in Atlantic City. Founded in the mid of the 19th century, here you’d find several casinos to play till your luck runs out. It’s also famous for its live-entertainment that includes review, beauty pageants, boxing matches and many more. You’d also find numerous restaurants, exotic gift shops, hotels and various clothing outlets near the Boardwalk; about 60 feet-wide seafront.

The Boardwalk Hall

If you’re about to visit the Atlantic City, then don’t leave this precious piece of history out of your bucket list. You will never regret this; trust me. The well-known Boardwalk Hall was made available to the public in the year of 1929. It holds one of the leading platforms in hosting musical concerts. And if you like to watch beautiful women compete in a beauty contest, then you’re in luck. It also hosts the finals of Miss America.

Thomas Edison National Historical Park

This is place a must-visit for science aficionados. There are two main highlights of the park. First, it serves as the home of one of the greatest minds in American History, Mr. Thomas Alva Edison. The home or should we say, the mansion consists of 29 vast and luxurious rooms. Second, it also serves and showcases all the vintage inventions of the day. Those breakthrough inventions include cameras for moving pictures, batteries, and machines for recording sound. Well, this is just a tip of the iceberg of NJ. Let’s move on to the real matter at hand. The choices and selection you have to make to get a reliable auto transport service.

Road and Highway Situations To Consider

NJ is the transportation hub with hundreds of highways and roads interconnecting with other states. There are some states that even have a day drive. The major interstate roadways connect NJ to New York and Pennsylvania and Delaware. Being New York and Pennsylvania one of the major economic states. Therefore, they also bring a quite good amount of economy to New Jersey as well.

Weather Conditions to Consider

New Jersey is a peninsula and to add insult to the injury; it is located in the North East. That means it is prone to extremely bad weather conditions, especially during the winter. It’s havoc to transport, nay, even travel during the winter.

There are top 10 worst snowstorms in New Jersey, as reported by the app.

  • During the winter, there are heavy rainfalls, blizzards, and cyclones; you need to consider and keep in mind before you go anywhere in New Jersey.
  • In auto transportation as well, you have to plan in order to get the best transport service and in the cheapest rates possible.
  • Because the transportation industry is a highly volatile industry, the rates of shipping services fluctuate rapidly and unexpectedly.
  • Nevertheless, if you’re planning to ship your car during the winter and want to hire an auto transport company, it’s highly recommended that you hire an enclosed transport carrier instead of an open one.
  • An enclosed transport carrier will protect your vehicle from the exposure of the outside elements, that includes the heavy rainfall, road debris, snowstorms, etc.
  • It may cost you a little extra, but if you love your vehicle like we think you do. You’d go for the enclosed one.

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I’ve chosen an Open Carrier, what do I do now?

If you have chosen and hired an open transport carrier to transport your vehicle. No need to worry. All you have to get yourself prepared a little extra when you’re about to ship your car. By the following these steps, you would be able to prepare your car for open transport during the winter.

Remove All the Detachable Items: It’s one of the fundamental procedures of shipping your car, you take out all the detachable items from your vehicle. That includes detachable spoilers, antennas, and side mirrors.

Disable Your Car Alarm: It annoys the driver of the car shipping carrier when they hear the car alarm of a car screaming off. It’s recommended to disable or remove your car alarm when the car shipping carrier arrives.

Wash Your Car: To be able to identify the current condition of your vehicle, you better wash your car and have it washed in a car wash. After your car getting squeaky clean, you’d able to examine the exterior body of the vehicle and see for any dents, paint chips or rust.

Document Those Findings: It’s better to find make these findings properly documented. You can also take snapshots of those findings and inform the car shipping carrier about any oddities found in your inspection.

Top-Off Your Antifreeze: Probably the most important part of preparing your car. Because during the winter, the battery and car’s other interior structure freezes due to extreme cold. Therefore, it’s imperative to top-off your antifreeze to avoid that from happening.

Check Your Tires: Ensure whether or not your tires are in optimum condition. Otherwise, it’d be a hassle for the car shipping carrier to load your vehicle on the back its trailer.

Check The Car Brakes: Same goes for the car brakes. If the car brakes are functioning properly, the car shipping would have trouble in loading your car and keeping it steady on its trailer.

Ask For Insurance: Insurance is also an important factor to ask and inquire with your car shipping company. However, it has to be discussed before hiring their services. You can also inquire with your insurance company as well. Whether they cover your car on their policies or not.

Inspection Upon Pickup: When the car shipping carrier arrives, the driver will verify all the aforementioned checklist and will mention on its report of the current condition of your vehicle. The report is usually the Bill of Lading (BoL).

Remember to inform Any Oddities: Sometimes there are little oddities that car shipping carrier forget or neglect to check and mention on its report. It’s always better to inform each and everything about your vehicle to the driver when you hand over your car keys to the driver.

Inspection Upon Delivery: Upon Delivery, you need to verify your car with the report you made earlier in the steps. If there are any inconsistencies, be sure to inform the driver and mention it on the BoL if you are not good at the verifying your vehicle with the report. Then, hire a mechanic or someone who has the know-how to check them.

How to Get in Touch with a Decent Car Transport Company?

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