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Transport your Car to or from New Jersey

New Jersey is nicknamed The Garden State and it is the most densely populated state in the US. Auto Transport City provides a platform where hundreds of companies are at your service 24/7 to provide you assistance in car shipping New Jersey to anywhere in the US.

Weather Conditions to Consider in Car Shipping NJ

New Jersey is prone to extreme weathers, with an annual average of 20 thunderstorms occurring mainly during the summer and Hurricane Sandy wreak havoc in October 2012. To be on the safe side, it's wise to pre-book your shipment in order to avoid getting mixed up with these conditions.

Price Factors to Consider in Auto Transport NJ

Cost of car shipping are heavily influenced by these factors. The type of carrier to hire. There are two types of carriers. Open carriers and enclosed carriers. Open carriers are commonly hired to transport vehicles. These carriers are wide open and have no walls or sides to prevent vehicles getting damages from dust and heavy rainfall. Meanwhile, enclosed carriers are hired to protect your vehicle from any potential damages caused by extreme weather. They are fully covered and provides discretion and a safe haven for your vehicle while it is being transported to the desired destination. The other factor is the type of car transport, there are two types of transport. Terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door. Terminal-to-terminal transport is where you're required to pick up or drop-off your vehicle to a specified shipping terminal; whereas in door-to-door, you would the luxury to get your vehicle is picked up and transported to your desired destination without you moving an inch. The other factor includes the cost of fuel, inoperable vehicles, size of the vehicle (sedan, SUV or a van) and car shipping schedules; all have influences on the cost of auto transport. Sign up for free and get instantly connected with various car transport companies to transport your vehicle from New Jersey to any part of the US (except for Alaska and Hawaii).