North Carolina Auto Transport

People of North Carolina are responsible for the obesity of American people. Because it is the state that produces the most potatoes in America. Well, it was a joke, by the way, we can’t make such a big claim just for their productivity. North Carolina has a lot to offer to you. This is why Americans are shifting at the fastest rate in North Carolina than any other state. It is also the state where “Pepsi” was invented. The citizens of North Carolina have stayed loyal to this brand because whenever you visit this state seldom will you find the competitor of Pepsi that is Coca-Cola. Apart from all those fun facts the state of North Carolina is also known as “Tar Heel state” whereas when the historians are asked so they are unaware why is it so. But the assumption of them is that because they were the leading producers of tar and turpentine that’s why they are named as Tar Heel state.

Vehicle Shipping services in North Carolina

There is a city named “Charlotte” which is among the modern cities in North Carolina. Whereas there are some cities that are remote and doesn’t have all the facilities of a prevailing city too. But Charlotte is the hub of auto transport services in North Carolina and is amid the top routes for auto transportation in North Carolina and even in the whole of the US. Not only Charlotte there are some other locations also that are popular for auto transport in North Carolina such as Wilmington and Raleigh to name a few.

Routes and Interstate Highways of North Carolina

I have some glad tidings to tell you about and that is, it’s not expensive to auto transport in North Carolina. Why? It’s not just about this state but the thumb rule of cheap auto transport is whenever there are routes easily available for the vehicle shipper so it will be cheaper to ship your car. Same is the case with North Carolina which is located near the major logistics and shipping corridor. The reason for such feasibility and the availability of highways is that North Carolina also manufactures a lot of things and its transportation would also need a proper infrastructure to be done. The main highways are of I-95 along with I-40. Fortunately, a lot of car shippers go through this state when it’s the season of snowbird’s arrival to Florida or some other states. While for the western part of North Carolina auto transport the highways that are used are I-85, I-40 and I-77. Both the western part and the places near the main highway or close to Charlotte and some major auto transport locations are cheap for auto transportation. But it is impossible for a state to have the perfect infrastructure for auto transportation. And almost all the companies that are auto transporting to North Carolina have their own routes. So for the rural areas of the state, there are some barriers which might not be good for you because whenever the trucker goes out of the route they tend to charge more.       

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There’s no appeal for truckers in rural areas

Before you feel disheartened or overwhelmed by hearing this news from the rural part of North Carolina. You need to calm down. Because there are some difficulties you would face and you will also be bound to pay a higher price but there is a strategy if you follow can save you big time. And I will discuss it shortly. The major reason why there’s no appeal for truckers for shipping to North Carolina’s rural areas is no proper routes. It isn’t impossible for the trucker to reach your desired destination, he would manage somehow. But he needs to go extra miles to a place where the only delivery is of your car. Whereas, when auto transporting to North Carolina’s cities the prices are cheaper because there are several other deliveries the trucker could do along the way.

The strategy that we discussed is pretty simple. What you have to do is, get your car delivered to some major city in North Carolina. Sounds stupid? But that's what you have to do. Get your car shipped and drive it back. You won’t even face the jet lag of traveling miles upon miles because the  majority of the rural areas are near to the cities. There are only a handful of rural areas that are not so close to the city if you fall in that area of North Carolina and want to auto transport then it’s your bad day. You have to manage somehow as there is no availability of option.          

What are the most common routes to North Carolina

You might think why would I be interested in the common routes for North Carolina auto transportation? Well, there’s a very big reason why you must be interested in the transportation of common routes. The basic purpose of it is the common routes are much cheaper than the uncommon routes. I will be telling you about the top 6 most common routes of North Carolina and if you fall in that bracket “mazeltov”. So, here are they:

Most common routes of North Carolina:

  • North Carolina to Illinois.
  • North Carolina to California (The golden state).
  • North Carolina to Georgia (The state of goober-grabbers).
  • Shipping from North Carolina - New Jersey.
  • Florida, famously known as “The Sunshine state”.
  • Texas ( The lone star state).

Cost of shipping from North Carolina to California

It would cost you around $2000 to $2500 if you want your vehicle shipped from North Carolina to the state of Cali.

Shipping price from North Carolina to New York: If you want your car shipped from North Carolina To New York it would not be as costly as you think. A mere $600 to $700 would be enough for the job to be done.