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Connecticut is home to the first hamburger, Polaroid camera, helicopter, and color television and also Connecticut became the first state to issue permanent license plates for cars. Connecticut is known for its vast uninterrupted natural beauty. People from far and wide come to Connecticut just able to witness the great and beautiful scenery. The most popular places where people go most often are as follows,

  1. Sleeping Giant in Hamden City

  2. Kent Falls

  3. Autumn in New England

Auto Transport City is an online e-commerce marketplace where several car shipping companies provide the transport services all over the cities of Connecticut.

Climate Conditions to Consider When Shipping Your Car in Connecticut

During summer is mostly sunny and hardly any rainfalls. However, occasionally quick moving thunderstorms can bring downpours with thunder and lightning. Sometimes, these storms could be severe. It's better to hire a best car transport service during early on before these weather conditions. ATC provides a marketplace where various car shipping service providers are available 24/7 to offer you with most proficient services.

Car Transport Rates to or from Connecticut

The prices of auto transport to or from Connecticut depend on many factors. It may depend on the type of shipping. There are two types of shipping, terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door. Terminal-to-terminal shipping refers to pick-up and drop-off from or to a specified terminal and it's a lot economical than the door-to-door one. Door-to-door transport refers to the transport of your vehicle to your desired location without you moving a muscle. It also depends on the type of carrier you hire. There are two types of carriers, open and enclosed carriers.

Open carriers are used most commonly as it is the most inexpensive type of carrier. However, it has no walls and sides and does not provide any shelter and protection from dust, rain, and storms. If you can put your vehicle at risk to the potential elements that might affect your vehicle’s safety. This may be the better choice for you.

If you cannot and will not compromise on the safety and security of your vehicle, then hiring an enclosed carrier would be the better option for you. Enclosed carriers are usually used when you need to transport an expensive, racing or a vintage car. It is fully covered and thus prevents your vehicle getting potential damages from dust, rain, and debris on the road.

Enclosed carriers are also hired to prevent vehicles from extreme weather conditions, such as in winter and thunderstorms. The risk is high on hiring open carriers in these extreme conditions. The enclosed carrier is the safest option to ensure maximum safety for the vehicles against the extreme weather.Rates of transportation also depend on the size of the car (sedan, SUV, pickup truck etc.), seasonal demands, the price of fuel, shipping schedules etc.

Size of the Vehicle

The price also varies on the size of the vehicle transported. The cost of transporting a sedan would differ from the cost of transportation of an SUV. The price varies on the dimension or mass the vehicle is covering. Seasonal Demands, when hiring a car shipping service, the demand and supply factor also needs to be considered. During the winter, many residents of Connecticut travel to the south. So, the demand for shipping cars from Connecticut to the Southern states like Florida skyrockets. On the other hand, in the same season, the demand for the shipping service from Florida to Connecticut is low. Hence, the cost gets lower, as no carriers want to return to Connecticut without carrying any vehicles.

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The Price of fuel for car shipping

One of the essential factors of the cost shipping a car is the fluctuation of the prices of fuel. The prices of fuel in the summer goes high, as the fuel used in the summer costs more. Therefore, the price of fuel also goes high. Resulting in the transporters to cost you more for the shipment. On the other hand, the price of fuel gets lower. Resulting in the transporters to charge you less for the shipment.

Shipping Schedules for Auto Transport

The date and time of the picking up your shipment also plays a part in the cost of shipping your car. You have got to be a little flexible in your shipping schedules if you want a reasonable quotation for your shipment. Normally, a shipping schedule takes 3 to 5 days to load your shipment. The cost of your shipment will go higher if you want your vehicle to be shipped within a day or two.

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