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Iowa Auto Transport

Iowa is the only state whose east and west borders are completely formed by water; Missouri and Mississippi rivers. A major part of Iowa is agricultural and rural due to this reason most of the auto haulers are not a big fan of this state. According to the survey, the car shipping demand to or from this state is pretty low. While shipping the car in such states customer usually have to face difficulties like finding an auto hauler, higher shipping quotes, and late delivery and pick up. But it doesn’t mean that transporting a car to or from Iowa is impossible. All you need is to find a marketplace where you can find an experienced car shipping service provider.

Weather of Iowa

Iowa is considered to be one of the most extreme weather affected states. With an average of 50 days of thunderstorm activity and 47 tornadoes happens annually. It is most of the major causes in the delay of shipment. It's highly recommended to pre-book your shipment in order to avoid getting delays. Shipping your car to Iowa in winter calls for some driving and shipping tips. Here are some useful tips for you to ensure safety while traveling in Iowa during Winter time.

Don’t get fooled by the all sunny and calm weather tricks. Always check the weather forecast before leaving the home. In minutes time weather can go full nuts.

- Drive safely by maintaining proper distance and speed.
- Never forget test your headlights before loading it in the carrier.
- Keep in mind that chances are high of facing frozen ramps and bridges.
- Make sure while shipping your car in winter that your vehicle is properly covered with a car cover.

Iowa Auto transport

While looking for car shipping quote for Iowa you must be wondering why the prices of this state are so inflated the reason behind those overrated prices are as follows:

Opportunity cost:
Iowa is not a popular or well-populated state like Texas, California or New York. Despite those who love to explore this state there is no such demand for auto transportation in Iowa. As this state is heavily rural so, in order to explore the state outside the major city Des Moines, the car is mandatory. For this reason, the car shipping demand to Iowa is majorly dependant on travel geeks. The opportunity cost for the vehicle shipper is greater because they can run on a different route that is more profitable for them.

Set Higher prices:
To minimize the opportunity cost the auto haulers charge more irrespective of the time in which you are shipping your car.

Major Interstate:
The cheapest place to ship a car in Iowa is Des Moines because there are only two major interstates namely I-80 and I-35 in this state and both runs through the Des Moines. These interstates run through many different states. Almost everytime the car carriers are moving on major interstates for car delivery or pick up from or to major cities of the US.

Rural area:
Outside of Des Moines, most of Iowa is rural. Shipping a car in such regions is problematic as the driver needs to face difficulties while hauling on such routes. In order to ship a car on these routes, the driver needs to go off track from the major interstate this costs heavily in terms of time.

Bad Weather:
In 2017, 55 tornadoes made there mark throughout the Iowa state. Difficult routes, lower demand, and 55 tornadoes a year are enough to scare the hell out of an auto hauler. No one wants to get delayed on a route with a lower demand without asking extra for all the risks involved. Not only tornadoes in winter the heavy snowfall make things more worse. On 20-Nov-2015, heavy rainfall resulted in the largest crash Monday which involved vehicles like cars, semi-trucks and enclosed trailers. After the incident, the interstate I-35, which is used by car haulers to ship cars in Iowa was closed for traffic from both ends. Such unpredictable weather conditions, greater opportunity cost, badly maintained roads and low demand are the reasons behind the full-blown Iowa auto shipping rates set by car carriers.

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Iowa Car Transport Rates

Rates in car transport vary on various aspects, such as the price of gasoline, timeframe, pick-up, and drop-off locations. It also depends on the size of the vehicle (sedan, SUVs, pickup, coupé etc.). Terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door car shipping also vary prices. Terminal-to-terminal shipping refers to pick-up and drop-off from or to a specified terminal. Door-to-door transport refers to the transport of your vehicle to your desired location. Similarly, open carriers and enclosed carriers are also need to put into consideration. Open carriers are most commonly used carriers and a lot more affordable to hire than the enclosed ones. However, open carriers don't provide any roofs or walls to prevent your vehicle from dust, getting hit by rocks and pebbles or heavy rainfall. Enclosed carriers are a little pricier but a safer option than opened ones. Enclosed ones are most commonly used during the winter to prevent cars from snowstorms and thunderstorms. The average cost of shipping your car from Des Moines to San Francisco is around $1323 using open trailer and door to door service. If you opt for enclosed Iowa auto transport due to weather conditions then there will be 50% increase in the car shipping quote

Iowa Car transport Hacks

When you're about to move to a new state, city or a town and you need an auto transport service to transport your vehicle to your desired destination. You may want to do little research before acquiring their services. Transportation services differ state to state thus making it mandatory for you to plan your trip in accordance with the shipping environment and facilities available in that particular state. And for Iowa vehicle shipping you need to keep below-mentioned points in mind

  • After analyzing the above-mentioned factors it’s time to become an accountant for a while. We have heard this so many time that two is better than one but when it comes to car shipping quotes two is never good enough you need to obtain as many quotes as possible. Only then you would be able to get the best Iowa auto transport services.
  • To avoid wandering in the middle of nowhere in search of a car deport ask your shipping broker to provide the exact location of the car deport because there aren’t many in Iowa. As the door to door service is being expensive due to the rural areas most people opt for the terminal to terminal Iowa auto transport.
  • It’s always better to have someone who can answer all your queries on the spot. For this purpose hunt down Iowa vehicle shipping companies with offices in Iowa. This ensures on-site assistance form the company’s official when you face any sort of problem during vehicle transportation.
  • If a car shipping company offer unbelievingly low prices for Iowa car transport consider it as a red flag.


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