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About Idaho

Idaho is best known for hot springs, situated in Lava Hot Springs and for its famous potatoes.

It has its nickname “The Gem State” for a definite reason. It’s well known for its lush green valleys in the North and beautiful glacier lakes skiing resorts in the South.

Idaho is enriched with history. Idaho is a place that attracts the tourists from far and wide. Idaho has plenty of fun adventures for its travelers and visitors. Sometimes it could be a little overwhelming and that’s good.

Popular places to visit in Idaho

Idaho is blessed with enriched forest in the spring. It is known to have one of the beautiful and tallest waterfalls. In the North, it has lush green jungle and foliage. In the South, it has deserts and lots of history like the Oregon Trail.

Idaho is wonderful places for skiers, hikers and campers, and the natural beauty that will keep in awe. Some of the important places that are a must-see are as follows,

Waterfalls of Elk River

One of the most beautiful and tallest waterfalls Idaho has to offer for its viewers. It truly is a blessing for Idahoans to be living in a state like this one. There are no barriers and restrictions for hiking in this place. So, you can hike and camp and do whatever you want in this place and live the life of a true Idahoan here.

Sun Valley

This is a small mountain town near the Sawtooth Mountains and Twin Falls. Forbes mentioned this town in the World’s best Ski Resorts. It is known to be very first resort to introduce the chairlift to the world. Besides being the innovator of the chairlift, this town is famous for being one of most visiting place by the celebrities. If you have come across to this part of town, don’t be surprised if you have seen one or two celebs on your trip.

Shoshone Falls

Higher than the Niagara Falls, this natural beauty is situated at the edge of the Twin Falls on the Snake River. Shoshone falls has it all from the playgrounds to the hiking trails, from picnic areas to a place for swimming. At the picnic area, there is a beautiful stance where you can witness the Shoshone falls gushing towards the end of the stream.

These aforementioned places are some of the must-see places when you are about to visit and try to settle down in Idaho.

What is the best time to visit Idaho?

Summer is usually the best time to visit Idaho. This time of the year is when the tourists from all over the states come and enjoy the beautiful weather and gushing waterfalls. The best time to visit Idaho can be further characterized and simplified by four different times of the year. You have to decide for yourself which time of the year suits you the best.

From March through May

Between these months are the second busiest throughout the year. The winter is gone but there is some of after effects left. This time of year is usually the spring comes along and brings with coming up with tourists and visitors.

From June through August

This time of the year when the summer kicks in, is the busiest month. People from far and wide visit Idaho for its natural beauty. This also increases the cost of lodgings and stays in the hotels.

From September through November

The tourism starts to get lower as Idaho comes into the season of fall. However, the charges for lodgings and stays also tends to get lower as well.

From December through February

During the winter season is also the coldest season for tourists. Only people who love to go for skiing or hike on the snowy mountains come during this time of year. However, the cost of lodgings and stays are the lowest as well.

Deciding on hiring a Car Shipping Company to or from Idaho

When you are about to move to a new place or either you are planning a trip, you would require your own wheels to go there. It will be easy for you to drive all by yourself if the distance is short. However, if you are about to go on a long distance travel, you would require a decent car shipping to transport your vehicle to Idaho.

The decision of selecting a decent shipping service is also hassling as you can’t get an auto transport company who is going to take care of your vehicle like its own anymore. You would require some sort of help in finding a reliable and trustworthy shipping service.

There are many moving and transport companies in Idaho out there who are rendering their services. Many of them good and have good references and others are not. There are a few pointers looking into. You should look them up online and view their credentials and references. You should also view how long they have been in the business to measure their credibility in order to hire them in the future also.

This could be a little overwhelming to comprehend. So, let’s sum up the key points in hiring a decent auto shipping company,

  • Ask out your friends and see if they have done and hire someone recently or not
  • Make a shortlist of some reliable car shipping companies.
  • Ask them about the fees and charges for transportation
  • Compare their prices and also check your budget.
  • Check reviews online for their services.
  • Hiring the lowest bidder is not always the answer.
  • Check their credentials and see if they are registered with the FMCSA
  • Asking about the insurance is also a good idea.

The alternate version of this can be done by signing up at Auto Transport City (ATC). Just post your shipment on the website, receive numerous bids on your shipment. Choose the auto transport service that you think is the best for your shipment.

Auto Transport City is an online e-commerce platform where various car transport service companies to provide the best possible auto transport service to over the cities of Idaho and the rest of the US

ATC provides a marketplace with a phenomenal user-interface that gives you the convenience to view various service providers' profiles, reviews, and feedback. As a result, you would have complete control over what kind of service provider you want to hire.

After weighing out all the aforementioned ways, you are now capable to hire a decent auto transport company.

The cost to transport a car from Nampa to San Francisco

An average cost to transport a sedan from Nampa to san Francisco starts from $300 to $600. The cost may vary on the type of transport you hire, the price of fuel, the mode of transportation, etc.

The cost to transport a Car from San Francisco to Idaho

An average cost to transport a sedan from San Francisco to Idaho starts from $350 to $600. The cost depends on the type of car shipping service you hire, the cost of fuel, the method of transportation, etc.

The cost to transport a Car from Nampa to San Diego

An average cost to transport a sedan from Nampa to San Diego starts from $350 to $500. The cost also depends on the fluctuation of the cost of fuel, the mode of transportation and shipping service you hire, etc.

The cost to transport a Car from San Diego to Nampa

An average cost to transport a sedan from Nampa to San Diego starts from $450 to $700. The cost of transportation also varies on the type of transport you hire, the price of fuel, the mode of shipment, etc.

Price Factors to Consider in Idaho

Prices may vary on the basis car shipping factors (cost of gas, shipping schedule, pickup/dropoff locations etc.) all need to be considered when hiring a car transport company. It also needs to be considered whether you want to hire an open carrier or an enclosed one.

Open carriers are commonly used when you're looking for a cost-effective way to hire an auto transport service. However, they are wide open and doesn't provide any shelter or protection to your car from dust, rain, and rocks.

Enclosed carriers are used when you have an expensive, classic or a race car, that needs extra care and protection or to prevent any damages that might occur during the hauling. It also depends on whether you want to go with terminal-to-terminal shipping service or door-to-door.

Terminal-to-terminal transport service is where you would have to pick-up or drop-off to a specified shipping terminal and is relatively inexpensive as compared to door-to-door transport. Door-to-door transport is where you get your car transported to your desired destination.

Visit us and get connected with various moving and transport companies and get your vehicles hauled from Idaho to anywhere in the US.