Minnesota Auto Transport

The nation’s first Better Business Bureau was founded in Minnesota. The stapler was also invented in Minnesota. About 5.5million residents are living in this state and ranked as 22nd most populous state in the US. These are some facts which will help you in making a better decision for Minnesota auto transport.

  • Minneapolis-St. Paul area is home to around 60% of the total Minnesota population. For this reason, it is the most famous area for auto shipping. 
  • The fact that this state is located in the northern region of the US makes it less favorable for truck drivers and they demand extra for moving a vehicle in Minnesota.
  • Cold weather means more traffic in winter as snowbird will fly towards warm places in the winter. 
  • The state is pretty much rural, thus shipping in the rural areas would be expensive or maybe not possible


Minnesota Auto Transport

 Let’s have a look into these essential elements to have a fair idea for Minnesota Car Shipping.

Car Shipping Demand:

The aggregate demand for Minnesota vehicle transport is low with respect to other states of America. Minneapolis-St. Paul is the hub for auto transportation. Autotransporter do not want to go further than the Minneapolis area for the car shipping purpose. The only reason behind this is that this area sees the most shipping demand and it is easy to access this region because of the presence of major interstate highways.


If you are relocating from the cities like Kansas, Des Moines, etc. then the major interstate I-35 will make your Minnesota Car shipping easy, as I-35 connects these cities to Minnesota. The other major interstate I-94 is good for the auto shipper in summer due to high shipping demand but in winter the I-94 is filled with more snow than traffic.

Rural Areas:

You must be wondering why Minnesota auto shipping is expensive. Rural complexion makes the auto shipping to Minnesota pricey. The Rural areas are expanded over a large area of the state. However, each part of every state in the US is up to some extent is rural but another factor which increases the shipping costs the location of the state. The state is located in the north of the US. Northern areas are the one drivers show reluctance in moving a car, due to the difficulty the face in hauling the vehicle in this area of the country. The only way one can motivate car haulers to move to those places is by paying extra. Thus making the Minnesota car transport costly.


Minnesota vehicle transportation just cannot go more thrilling than this as the state is prone to cold winters, especially between the months from November to January, making an average of 100 days of cold weather in Minnesota. The climate is extreme at both ends that means summer is hot. And to put the icing on the cake the state is known for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. It always a safe bet no matter its winter or summer to pre-book your shipment to receive your shipment without any delays.

Minnesota Car Shipping Companies

When you are about to hire an auto transport company, there are a few pointers that you should look into. You should know how much trustworthy they are? How long have they endorsed in the business? Their reviews of past performances and look up their reliability in order to pursue further business with in the future.

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Price Factors to Consider for Minnesota auto Transportation

It can be a little tricky in car transport Minnesota, to single out one factor that variates prices.  There are many factors to consider. The type of transport to hire, terminal-to-terminal or door-to-door.  Terminal-to-terminal transport is where you pick up or drop off your vehicle to a specified location. It is comparatively much less expensive in contrast to door-to-door shipping. This process is time-consuming as the car will remain at the terminal until the carrier arrives. Let's discuss some advantages and disadvantages associated with the Terminal to the terminal to Minnesota.

Terminal to terminal car shipping is useful;

  • when you need your vehicle to be picked up and dropped off on the exact date. 
  • It will come in handy as you would be able to store the car in the terminal when you are unsure whether you will arrive in Minnesota on time or not.
  • when you are located in an area where it would be difficult for the auto transporter to ship your car then it's better to go for terminal shipping. ( As Minnesota is mostly rural its better to keep track of the nearby terminals) 
  • When your vehicle shipping budget is low, then this is the most affordable way of shipping. 

Why Should You Not Go To Terminal To Terminal Auto Shipping?

  • High storage charges to hold the vehicle more than the specific timeframe. 
  • When your car is precious to you and doesn’t want your car to be loaded and unloaded multiple time during the transit. 
  • The car will remain at the terminal exposed to the weather conditions until the carrier gets filled.

The type of carrier also impacts your cost of transport

There are two types of car carriers, open and enclosed carriers. 

  1 - Open carriers are commonly used throughout the year and it is a lot more inexpensive than enclosed carriers. However, open carriers are wide open and do not have walls and sides to prevent your car from getting damaged by dust, rain, and snowfalls. It a myth that open carriers are not suitable for auto transportation. Millions of vehicles are being delivered using open carriers worldwide. Except in few cases vehicles are being shipped safely using an open trailer. If your car is not a luxury one than open trailers is the most affordable and easily available option of Minnesota auto shipping.

 2 - Enclosed carriers are usually used during the winter to prevent cars from snowfalls, rocks, and pebbles, they are fully covered and hence, provide a safe haven for your vehicles. Minnesota is known for its chilling winter season therefore enclosed trailer is highly recommended in the winter season. Fro exotic car shipping enclosed trailers are the only way out.

Average Cost of Shipping

The average cost of shipping a car to Minneapolis, MN, from New York, NY, the USA using the door to door service and the open trailer is around $1073. These prices vary with the variations in the above-mentioned factors and seasonal fluctuation.

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