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Maine Auto Transport

Maine is also commonly known as The Pine Tree State because of the pines that once dotted the state's forests. Maine is the largest producer of blueberry. There are so many reasons which have made Maine the center of attraction of the people of the US other than the largest blueberry producer. The state has earned several honorable awards such as;

  • Golocal New England top 10 best cities 2012
  • Parenting magazine ranked it third Best City for Families
  • in 2012 list in top 10 cities for the job prospect
  • Travel & Leisure in 2012 included the city of Maine as the 7th greenest city in the US.

And there are many more like this. Although the car shipping demand for Maine is relatively lower as compared to other states of the US. But it doesn't mean that no one moves there vehicle there. People do ship their vehicle to or from Maine mostly the snowbirds during winter time ship their cars to the southern part of the U.S for a warmer sunshine.

Maine Auto transport


Most of Maine gives you a rural look. Car carriers motivation relies on the transportation system of the state. No one wants to drive on cracked and poorly maintained roads. American Society of Civil Engineers gives Maine a C minus for its infrastructure and that’s pretty bad for any state. The government had made a lot of promises to improve the overall state infrastructure but so far no luck for the car shipping companies. Such problems result in auto haulers charging extra for Maine auto shipping.


A state with a total of 1.3millions residents and out of which 68,000 are living in Portland and the rest are scattered throughout the state. The Traffic congestion rate in Portland and other cities of Maine is high. As the major interstate highway I-95 which is the most popular route for Maine auto transport runs through Portland and for your information most of the residents take this route which slows down the overall flow of the traffic.

Major interstate:

The only major interstate which runs through the Maine state is I-95, as a matter of facts I-95 is the only interstate highway in Maine due to which is generally crowded. On the contrary, it's a good news for those who are looking to ship their vehicle in Maine. I-95 runs through other cities as well and car hauler is always on the go on such interstate highway. In winter many snowbirds take I-95 to run into New York which means more number of car carriers will be on I-95 thus altering the shipping rates. For this reason despite low demand for Maine car shipping I-95 might save you from getting your shipment rejected and with a plus point of availing cheap rates as well.


Unlike other states, Maine is not full of storms, hurricanes or tornadoes. But the winter season in Maine is quite creepy as it not only brings snow but floodings are also fairly attached to it. The temperature of Maine has divided into regions the northern region see the most of the snow in this state while southern region is bit warmer. If you are shipping your car in winter then try to be more proactive as due to heavy snow there is always something happening on I-95 which slows down the Maine vehicle shipping process. Auto haulers charge extra for car shipping in bad weather conditions.

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Companies of Car Transport Maine:

When you hire a car transport company, you should look out for various qualities in the company. The company should be reliable and well-known. They should have good credentials and good feedback. Go for the car shipping companies having a fair amount auto transport experience. Inexperience auto shipper often comes with poor service quality, for instance, damaging your car or late deliveries. They also should be trustworthy and their performances should be consistent in order for you to have business with them in the future as well. For this purpose make sure that auto mover is registered US Department of transportation. Never trust on any car mover without US DOT number it’s a must-have for interstate vehicle shipping. It is mandatory to include car coverage so it’s your right to ask your service provider about the insurance coverage you are getting in case something goes wrong.

Price Factors to Consider in Car Transport Maine

Not only infrastructure, availability of major interstate highways or weather conditions result in price change there are other elements in the bag. When it comes to price, there are many factors to consider in Main car transportation.

  • The type of transport to use, whether it may be terminal-to-terminal or door-to-door car transport service.

Terminal-to-terminal transport service is where you would have to pick-up or drop-off to a specified shipping terminal and is relatively inexpensive as compared to door-to-door transport. A cheap yet time-consuming service.

Door-to-door transport is where you get your car transported to your desired destination. Price also depends on the type of carrier you hire. Expensive but saves your time and energy.

  • There are mainly two types of carriers, open and enclosed carriers.

Open carriers are commonly used when you're looking for a cost-effective way to transport your vehicle. However, they are wide open and doesn't provide any shelter or protection to your car from dust, rain, and rocks. Less protective in nature but are readily available and a cheaper option for Maine vehicle shipping.

Enclosed carriers are used when you have an expensive, classic or a race car, that needs extra care and protection or to prevent any damages that might occur during the hauling. Shipping your car in winter to Maine require protection as the area witness severe winter spells. Still, it’s optional for general vehicles but if the car which needs to be shipped belongs to the exotic category is highly recommended for you to choose enclosed Mane auto shipping. Irrespective of the weather conditions to save the luxury car for other elements like road debris and dust you should go for enclosed trailers.

  • The last but not least, prices also dependant on the cost of fuel, size of the vehicles (sedan, SUVs, pickup, coupé etc.), inoperable vehicles, shipping schedules; all have an impact on the cost of the car shipping. Visit us and get connected with various car transport companies now and transport your vehicles from Maine to anywhere in the US (except for Alaska and Hawaii).

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The average cost of shipping

The average cost of shipping from Portland to Florida is around $1535 using the door to door services and open trailers. These prices are subject to changes depending on the information that you provide for calculating the cost of shipments.

Some quick tips

Maine comparatively is a small state make sure that you are well informed about the nearby gas stations because there aren’t many there.

  • To avoid getting stuck in traffic during rush hours ask the locals about the traffic conditions on different routes at different times.
  • Remain discipline throughout your Maine trip and do not deviate from your plans unnecessary.
  • Take photos of your car before loading it. Keep this in mind, you won’t be able to claim for damages without photos prior to shipment.