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The state capital of the United States is situated on the Potomac River. Pierre-Charles L'Enfant, a military engineer, was appointed by the George Washington himself in order build the infrastructure of the city.

It is famous for its enriched historical museums and nostalgic atmosphere to the history of this great country. It is home to various museums and historical buildings.

Since it’s the heart of the states and has numerous buildings that have checkpoints for security purposes. Therefore, there are restrictions to carry backpacks to enter in the vicinity of certain buildings.

The White House

With the exception of George Washington, every President of the United States has officially resided at the White House. The places for tourist to visit are included in the East, Red, Green and Blue rooms.

Although the rooms must be reserved beforehand such as the Ballroom and the State Dining Room.

Besides this, a few miles away there is the free White House Visitor Center, The Treasury Building, Executive Office Building and The Ellipse.


The Lincoln Memorial

This could possibly be the most beloved Memorial of all. There is plenty of historical events attached to this beautiful and marvelous statue of the 16th President Of the United States of America.

This is where Marian Anderson, the African-American singer/songwriter performed an open-air concert. It was organized by then-President Franklin Roosevelt and the First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

In 1963, well-known African-American political and revolutionary activist Mr. Martin Luther King addressed to the crowd with his historical speech of “I have a dream...”


The National Zoo

It is a part of the Smithsonian Institution, which is a home to about 2000 of a diverse range of animals, reptiles, and birds residing as clearly as possible like in the wild.

This is probably one of the best zoos in the world, giving a home to many endangered species in its vicinity with utmost care and security.

With all aforementioned famous places to visit in Washington DC, there are still loads of places for tourist to go and witness and experience. Such places are United States Capitol and Capitol Hill, The Washington Monument and National Museum of American History.


Auto transportation to Washington DC:


  • Arrange your journey with complete planning:  The hustles and bustles and busy life of Washington DC may tease you a bit. In order to stay protected from it, you need to have your trip planned in such a way that you know where and when you will be, at the arrival of the auto shipper to Washington. The purpose behind your shipment is the relief from the stress of the public transportation. What good will it do if it arrives in your absence? You will then tire yourself for its possession.


  • Confirm the destination of delivery which must be Washington DC: Some of the car moving companies hide the fact from you or unintentionally stays hidden from you that they won’t deliver the car to the state of Washington DC. Usually, they offload your car at places nearby such as Maryland etc. It now depends on you whether you can bring your car near you by driving it or you after arriving in Washington DC have the same tantrums as this city has. If that’s the case that company will not deliver your car in Washington DC then you can save some money here by re-negotiating the deal.


  • Keep your car in a running condition: While in the middle of a district that is unknown to you, it’s better to keep enough fuel in your car to bring it to the destination you want. The other thing would be about the fluids of the car. When your car has been hauled in a carrier and faced the road debris. The fluids definitely must have been shaken upside down. It’s better to not drive the car abruptly and let all the fluids settle down to save yourself from hassle.


After bringing all the precautionary measures to your knowledge now it’s your choice what type of service you would use and what kind of trailer you choose and they are as follows:


Open-air carrier or Enclosed carrier for your Auto Transportation in Washington DC?  


Since the weather of Washington DC tends to surprise people for short time durations. There are heavy rainfalls, thunderstorms, and little snowfall. The summer is also humid. All these things indicate that a better choice is to go for an enclosed carrier. But every particular individual has his own budget when it’s about auto transportation. So, you may also choose an open-air carrier but then you will be left exposed to the weather ailments. And the weather of Washington can astonish you anytime. Whereas open-air carrier will put a lesser burden on your pocket, however, the choice is yours.


Method of transportation:


The method of transportation will be a great determining factor when it comes to decreasing your cost of car shipping. Majority of the people try to save money by the selection of the trailer. Which is a bad idea, as the real secret is to save money on the method of transportation. But before selecting the method of transportation you need to know about the options you have.


  • Terminal-to-terminal shipping: In the following method your car is picked up from a terminal to be shipped. The terminal could be anything such as the place where the truckers take rest or a storage facility. Your car’s delivery will also be made to a nearby storage facility and you have to pick the vehicle from there. This is the cheapest method to ship a car.
  • Door-to-terminal shipping: If you are feeling lazy and don’t feel like moving from the couch then you may select this method of transportation. Your vehicle will be picked from your nearest point and you have to receive it at the terminal point which the auto shipping company has decided.
  • Door-to-door shipping: This process is the most costly among all. Door-to-door shipping is all about comfort. You don’t need to worry about any of the picks and drops or staying vigilant. Staring your mobile phone isn’t a necessity in this process. Because everything will be at ease. Comfort and cost are directly proportional in almost all the matters of the world. Just like that, you have to pay a high cost for this service but the comfort will be worth the price.  




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