2017 Subaru Xv Crosstrek

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  • #1. 2017 Subaru Xv Crosstrek

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I am traveling for work in Portland. Originally was leaving this month, now working here through September. Only additional item I would like to be able to place in the vehicle during shipping is a backpacking gear (pack, sleeping pad, and sleeping bag only).

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  • Shipa1 Auto Transport Transporter

    03-02-2020 14:00:29

    Hi! Is there a budget you had in mind for this shipment? We are ready to pick up this, our bid includes all taxes, insurance, door-to-door service and up to 100 lbs. of items in the cargo area. Thanks

    Alexander Burns. Customer

    03-02-2020 18:22:11

    I'm still in the process of getting into touch with different service providers. Was just waiting to see different offers and go from there. What were you thinking of bidding at this time?

    Shipa1 Auto Transport. Transporter

    03-02-2020 20:14:00

    Thanks for your response, we submit our best price feel free to review and consider our active bid. thanks

  • All State To State Auto Transport Transporter

    03-02-2020 20:16:44

    Hello, when your vehicle is ready for pickup? We would love to assist you with your shipment. If you have any concerns or queries feel free to ask. Our experts are always available to help you out. Regards! Andrew

    Alexander Burns. Customer

    03-02-2020 21:31:46

    It is ready asap.

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