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All state to state Auto Transport gives quality auto transportation administration to individuals moving their vehicles. Your vehicle is vital to you - that is the reason you are shipping it.Disclose to us what you need, and we'll do all that we can to coordinate your needs to the privilege service.


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Each Licensed. Auto Carrier Has A Minimum of Three Quarter Million Dollar Policy
Company Terms & Conditions

1. All state to state auto transport is licensed and bonded does agree to arrange to have vehicle(s) described in quotation shipped on or about the dates available depending on the carrier/transports schedule. All state to state auto transport will designate a reliable carrier/transporter to fill the terms and conditions of the agreement. All state to state auto transport is a broker and does not guarantee specific pickup or delivery dates. Pickup and delivery dates are only estimates and there are no guarantees. The carrier/transporter or All state to state auto transport will not be held responsible for delays for any reason. After All state to state auto transport has confirmed scheduling with a reliable carrier/transporter, All state to state auto transport has fulfilled our service agreement. 2. This order is subject to all terms and conditions of the carrier/transporter's straight bill of lading. Copies of which are available at the office of the carrier/transporter. Once a carrier/transporter has been assigned to your order, the bill of lading will then be the only agreement in effect along with the terms and conditions of the carrier/transporter assigned to your order. 3. The carrier/transporter will not be responsible for any damages not resulting from carrier/transporter negligence. The customer verifies the vehicle is free of contents, to and including trunk, therefore All state to state auto transport and assigned carrier/transporter do not take any responsibility for personal items left inside vehicle. 4. The carrier/transporter will not be responsible for any damages caused by freezing of engine, cooling system, batteries, or due to leaking fluids, etc. The carrier/transporter will not be responsible for any exhaust system, mufflers, tail pipes, or any mechanical function damage to include engine, transmission, rear end, drive trains, wiring systems, air bags, clutches, computerized components (anything that is mechanical or electrical). The carrier/transporter will not be responsible for any convertible tops that are loose, torn, or have visible wear. This includes any canvas or material coverings. 5. The customer is responsible for preparing the vehicle for transport, Including: disarming any alarms, removing any loose parts, accessories, hanging spoilers, etc. Any part of the vehicle that falls off during transport is the customer's responsibility including damages caused to any and all other vehicles involved. 6. No auto rental will be honored for delays, damage, accidents, acts of God, or for any other reason. 7. If a carrier/transporter is sent to acquire the vehicle and it is not there, is unavailable, has been moved or cannot be picked up for any other reason, the customer authorizes All state to state auto transport to charge an additional $100 re-posting fee that will be added to your transport order for the re-posting of your order to our dispatching department for rescheduling, depending on the first available date given at the time the service order was placed. 8. If the declared run and drive vehicle is found inoperable or non-running at the time of pick up, then the customer will pay more extra charges at the time of delivery.

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  • Positive

    Exceptional job 2011 Chevrolet Camaro 26023719

    I got my vehicle on time with perfect condition. the communication was truly awesome. will use them again. thanks

  • Positive

    EXCELLENT SERVICE 2000 Dodge charger 26023712

    I did not expect fast shipment. Thanks Carlos for helping me in transporting my car within 7 days. I liked the service.

  • Positive

    Extremely professional 2006 Mercedes-benz Clk 26023698

    They are extremely professional and the best service provider. they keep me updated about the status of transaction. got my vehicle on time in very perfect condition. after this wonderful experience they are my first priority to consider.

  • Positive

    No Subject 2003 mercedes-benz SL-Class 26022505

    Excellent Bid Price, they stand behind their towing service. You can trust this company. However, you may need to be flexible on a day or two for delivery.

  • Positive

    No Subject 1988 mercury MC4 26022504

    Thanks, A + !

  • Positive

    No Subject 1993 toyota Celica 26022503

    I am extremely happy with this shipping company. They were able to pick up my Celica a lot sooner than I expected and communication was good. My car just arrived today having been picked up yesterday from the seller. I was very pleased when it arrived in excellent condition. I was a little nervous about using a shipping company as my last experience was horrible but the person who handled my car was great. Thank you!

  • Positive

    No Subject 2004 jaguar XK 26022502

    Good service

  • Positive

    No Subject 1998 chevrolet Blazer 26022501

    Good communication, fast shipper!

  • Positive

    No Subject 2007 bmw 328 26022448

    I had to transport my car from NJ to CA and was stressed out to trust a broker with my car as it needed to ship out before a certain date. I actually called in advance to see if they could pick it up days before I had scheduled it and they accommodated my request with no problems! Driver will call you day before pick up and is very professional upon pick up and will do the same upon delivering. If you are looking to ship your car out without the stress, use this company! Keep up the good work.