2001 Lexus Is

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  • #1. 2001 Lexus Is

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Car isn't running but is accessible to load. Car brakes, steers, and rolls.

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Questions about this shipment

  • All State To State Auto Transport Transporter

    12-13-2019 14:40:25

    Hi, Does your vehicle roll, brake and steer? In case it won’t, we would ask you to arrange fork lift on the both ends, so that we could load/unload your vehicle safely, without any issues

    PATRICIA. Customer

    12-13-2019 22:15:42

    I'm ready for you to pick this car up. Please tell me when you can be here?

    All State To State Auto Transport. Transporter

    12-14-2019 14:56:06

    We appreciate your response,. We can ship your vehicle from MI to SC at $825 via open transport and pickup your vehicle with in 2 to 3 business days. thanks

  • Shipa1 Auto Transport Transporter

    12-13-2019 14:50:06

    We are ready to pick up this, Is it in condition to roll, brake and steers?

    PATRICIA. Customer

    12-13-2019 22:07:43

    Yes you can steer and roll the wheels. Please call me for arrangements to pick up [Content Removed By: ATC]

    Shipa1 Auto Transport. Transporter

    12-14-2019 14:42:06

    Thanks for your response, the best price we can offer you $739. Our price includes all taxes, insurance, door-to-door service. once you book the order our schedule department will call you to make schedule for pickup and delivery. feel free to raise your offer price. thanks

    PATRICIA. Customer

    12-15-2019 16:31:02

    I except your offer of $739. I don't know how to change the offer? This is the first time I've used this web site.

    Shipa1 Auto Transport. Transporter

    12-17-2019 13:33:09

    Thanks for your response, Go to the top right of the shipment page then find the offer box and click on "raise offer price" button and feel free to raise your offer. thanks

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