2019 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

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  • #1. 2019 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

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  • Shipa1 Auto Transport Transporter

    11-27-2019 19:30:33

    Hi! Is there a budget you had in mind for this shipment? We are ready to pick up this, our bid includes all taxes, insurance, door-to-door service and up to 100 lbs of items in the cargo area. thanks

    adam. Customer

    11-27-2019 19:35:35

    Hello. i do not have any idea about the price. This is is my first time i am moving my car to other place. can you help ?

    Shipa1 Auto Transport. Transporter

    11-27-2019 20:23:11

    Thanks for your response, we submit our best price please review our active bid. let me know sir how can i help you?

    adam. Customer

    11-27-2019 20:36:01

    why aren't you giving me low price ? as others

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