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  • #1. 2016 Hyundai Tucson

  • #2. 2010 Toyota Rav4

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Questions about this shipment

  • All State To State Auto Transport Transporter

    10-21-2019 13:41:10

    Hello, we would love to assist you with your shipment. We can ship your vehicle from MD to FL at $1489 via open transport. if you have any concerns or queries feel free to ask. Our experts are always available to help you out. Regards! Carlos

    William. Customer

    10-21-2019 14:03:35

    That’s and excellent price I’m waiting on a closing date looks now like dec1-3 how long to deliver want to be sure we will be there to pickup

    All State To State Auto Transport. Transporter

    10-21-2019 14:50:11

    We appreciate your response, Is there any possibility to ship your vehicle before DEC because in DEC this route will be expensive?

  • Shipa1 Auto Transport Transporter

    10-21-2019 13:42:55

    HI William, the best price we can offer you $1479. Our price includes all taxes, insurance, door-to-door service and up to 100 lbs of items in the cargo area. Let us know when your vehicle is ready to go. Thanks

    William. Customer

    10-21-2019 17:09:19

    My pickup date will be between Dec1and3 is that doable at that price?

    Shipa1 Auto Transport. Transporter

    10-21-2019 17:25:26

    Thanks for your response, we can ship your both vehicles at $1679 on your desirable date. actually, in DEC price would be way higher on your route.

    William. Customer

    10-22-2019 09:20:29

    Not leaving state till dec 6 if you take my cars early there’s know one to receive , can you store or drop at a storage faulty somewhere ?

    Shipa1 Auto Transport. Transporter

    10-22-2019 13:50:44

    Thanks for response, what dates you are looking for?

    William. Customer

    10-22-2019 14:02:38

    Well you can pickup nov 30 to dec 3 but I wouldn’t be there till after dec 6

    Shipa1 Auto Transport. Transporter

    10-22-2019 14:13:24

    sound's good, can we deliver your vehicle on 6th or 7th of December?

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