2016 Ford Transit Connect

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  • #1. 2016 Ford Transit Connect

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Pickup at Publix Supermarket- Sorrento Hills Village Shopping Center-24420 SR 44, Eustis, FL 32376

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Questions about this shipment

  • All State To State Auto Transport Transporter

    07-18-2019 16:13:53

    Hello, when your vehicle is ready for pickup? We would love to assist you with your shipment. We can ship your running vehicle from FL to OR at $1799 via open transport. If you have any concerns or queries feel free to ask. Our experts are always available to help you out. Regards! Carlos

    John Jensen . Customer

    07-22-2019 23:37:48

    Good afternoon. The vehicle is ready for pickup. Please let me know what is needed from me to get the vehicle shipped and delivered to me. Thanks! John Jensen

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