2004 Mercedes-benz C

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  • #1. 2004 Mercedes-benz C

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  • All State To State Auto Transport Transporter

    07-15-2019 13:51:48

    Hello, we would love to assist you with your shipment. Could you little bit flexible with your pickup and delivery dates? Regards! Carlos

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  • All State To State Auto Transport Transporter

    07-15-2019 13:57:19

    We can ship your vehicle from AZ to CT at $1409 via open transport. thanks

    Vish. Customer

    07-15-2019 15:28:08

    I can only do 800 as it says in my offer. Thanks

    All State To State Auto Transport. Transporter

    07-15-2019 15:34:56

    Thanks for response, $800 would be too low for this route. the best i can offer you $1375.

    Vish. Customer

    07-15-2019 16:26:51

    Thank you for your reply. Your best offer is too high for my budget.

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