2009 Toyota Camry

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  • #1. 2009 Toyota Camry

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  • All State To State Auto Transport Transporter

    06-27-2019 18:36:09

    Hello, when your vehicle is ready for pickup? We would love to assist you with your shipment. Can you little bit increase your offer. If you have any concerns or queries feel free to ask. Regards! Carlos

    Abram. Customer

    06-27-2019 20:31:07

    It will be available for pick up at any time starting tomorrow, and I'm flexible with the duration until the drop off in San Antonio. For the pick up it could be in zip code 15102 if tomorrow, or about 5 miles away at a friend's house starting Saturday. Also, would you need me at the time of pick up or my friend can take care of everything for me? I'll raise the offer to $720 now

    All State To State Auto Transport. Transporter

    06-28-2019 18:47:10

    Thanks for response, We can ship your vehicle from PA to TX at $950 via open transport. thanks

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