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    Few points you must know before you go for Vehicle Hauling

    When you are about to move to another state or a city, it can be troublesome to move all your stuff to another location. It can get more stressful when you have to get your car transported as well. As far as your vehicle is concerned, you have got only two options on your hands, either you go and drive it there by yourself or hire a professional. If the distance is short this can not be a big of a problem. All you have got to do is get in your car and hit the road. However, this can not the case with going a long distance. When you are thinking about hiring a vehicle hauling service, you remember that you do not know a single thing about vehicle hauling. To save yourself from getting embezzled by fraudulent vehicle hauling companies, we are to help you to make a rational decision. Just read through this article all your misconceptions will be cleared,

    How much does vehicle hauling costs?

    There are many factors come into play when it comes down to the cost of vehicle hauling services, such as area and the distance, the date of departure, size of the vehicle, type of vehicle hauling service being used.

    Looking for car transport companies, that comes under your budget and time can be a real challenge. You have to do a little legwork for that, well not literally. Once you have selected 2-5 potential vehicle hauling companies, you have to go online and search for their reviews and feedback from their past performances. See how their clients think about their services. Then, look for their rates and quotes and compare them with other vehicle hauling services. Finally, choose the one which suits you the best.

    To do that instantly without any much legwork, there is a better option. You can sign-up at Auto Transport City. Auto Transport City (ATC) is an online marketplace where it connects you with various car shipping services to assist you with all your vehicle hauling needs.

    What sort of Stuff You Need to Know about Vehicle Hauling?

    You need to know the size of your vehicle, In order to get an accurate quotation from these vehicle hauling services, you have to know and provide accurate size, the width, the dimension and the weight of your vehicle.

    When you are finding out a vehicle hauling company, there is a chance that you can get in touch with shipping brokers. Let us remind you that brokers are not the vehicle hauling company themselves. Vehicle hauling broker does not have a DOT number, they have only MC number. Vehicle hauling services are licensed with DOT (Department of Transportation) and they have also USDOT and MC number. Vehicle shipping brokers do not provide you the facility of insurance. Mainly the insurance of your vehicle is only offered by vehicle hauling companies.

    The type of vehicle hauling services also contributes to the pricing factors of your shipment. There are two types of vehicle hauling services. Door-to-Door vehicle hauling refers to the transport of your shipment to your desired destination without you moving an inch. Therefore, it usually going to cost you more because of this benefit. On the other hand, Terminal-to-Terminal is a cost-effective type of vehicle hauling service, where you are required to pick up or drop-off your vehicle to a particular vehicle hauling terminal. It also has its perks. For instance, if you want to pick up your vehicle at a specified date. Then, they will safe-keep your shipment into their storage until you come to pick it up. Of course, they will charge extra for keeping it but it is a perk, nonetheless.

    The type of vehicle hauling carriers also dictates the changes in the cost of auto shipping. There are mainly two types of carriers. Open Carrier is a wide-open trailer with vehicles are hooked up to the back. These carriers are mostly used throughout the entire year. These carriers are under the budget of the shippers and easily affordable. However, as they have wide open trailers, it is difficult for these carriers to prevent potential damages occur during the shipment process. On the contrary, enclosed carriers are tightly shut shipping vessels, provide the ultimate protection of shipment from outside interference. These carriers also provide a discretion for your shipment. Therefore, they usually cost a little more than open carriers.

    You should also be prepared to oversize fees if you have an oversize vehicle to transport. For instance, if you are transporting an SUV or a van. It will cost you a little more. It is also better to remove any upgrades on your vehicle before shipping wherever you possibly can, such as customized spoilers, detachable antennas, etc.

    A vehicle may also be hauled even if it’s inoperable.

    Your vehicle may also be dependent on the distance to your desired location. Generally, the longer your distance will be the more likely that the cost will be higher. However, on rare occasions, this may not be the case. The vehicle hauling truckers have also set their planned route which they undertake to transport all the vehicles. For instance, your desired location do not have much distance but your location clashes with their route. They will still charge you more as they have to shift from their planned route to your destination for the delivery.

    Weather also plays its part in the cost of vehicle hauling. During the summer, the price of auto transport is higher than the rest of the season. There are many people during the summer tends to hire vehicle hauling companies. During the winter, the roads are blocked and the routes and atmosphere are covered with fog. Nevertheless, there are still a few transport companies who tend to go during these seasonal conditions. The clients also tend to wait for these conditions to blow past.

    All in all, it does not matter when you hire an auto transport company. It is well-advised that you hire it at most a week before or in some cases even earlier to book your shipment.

    Still puzzled about the vehicle hauling? Contact us at and send any queries you may have and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

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