1987 Ford Ranger

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  • #1. 1987 Ford Ranger

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Non-operating but rolls. Vehicle brakes and steers. Pickup location is flexible to meet in a transport-friendly location (car will be hauled to you via trailer) to arrange for an efficient pickup location in Stockton right off of I-5. Dropoff location is 10 minutes off of I-80...20 minutes off of I-71...and 30 minutes from Cleveland.

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Questions about this shipment

  • Shipa1 Auto Transport Transporter

    03-02-2020 20:11:57

    Hi sir, Can you removed plows from your pickup?

    Nick Santoro. Customer

    03-02-2020 20:33:13

    The truck has railroad hirail equipment bolted to the frame, not plows. It cannot be removed by the current owner. They are very sturdy.

    Shipa1 Auto Transport. Transporter

    03-02-2020 20:45:38

    Thanks for your response, Can you please tell us the exact dimentions and overall weight of your vehicle?

    Nick Santoro. Customer

    03-02-2020 21:11:03

    Length: Approx 250 inches (Pure guess WITH the gear added) Width: 68 inches Height: 65 inches Weight: 2900lbs The hirail gear adds approx 3 feet to each end. Do you need anything else?

  • Truck It Transport Inc Transporter

    03-09-2020 15:09:50

    Hello. We would like the opportunity to assist you with your transport. We are new to ATC however we are not new to the business. We are a small family owned business with over 15 year experience in vehicle transportation. We have Drivers currently available on your route so please accept our bid and I will email you to confirm the details. Please let me know if you have any questions I can help answer for you. Thanks, Candice Truck It Transport Inc MC 686788

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