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    Exotic Car Transport

    It is imperative for you to be overprotective of your luxury car transportation service. It’s no surprise if you’re extremely careful in handling your beloved car, trying not to cause any damages to your new wheels.

    Finding a reliable auto transport is always a pain when you need to ship your pride and joy to a long distance. Because you don’t want anyone except highly professional auto shipping service to touch your wheels.

    You might choose to drive it there yourself if the distance is short. If not, then searching for a decent car transport service is mandatory for your exotic car.

    Selecting the right exotic car transport company for your car would relieve from the nerve-wracking burden of possible damages that can occur during the shipment of your car

    For instance, if you have an exotic vehicle such as Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, Bentley or a Porsche, you would not go and hire any random car shipping company that you see online.

    You would definitely go with the best exotic auto shipping services in the United States. If you love your car as much as we think you do, you won’t compromise on it for even a single solitary second.

    What’s the Best Way to Transport an Exotic Car?

    The best way to haul an exotic car is to hire an enclosed auto transport to ship your car to your desired location. Unlike any other method of transportation, enclosed auto transport is the only way to ensure the maximum guarantee of safety during transit without any setbacks.

    If you want your beloved car to deliver in the same condition as the way it was picked up, then only enclosed transport carrier would be able to provide that facility and within your budget.

    There are other methods of transportation such as open carrier transport, shipment by air and transport by sea. All of them have their flaws in shipping your exotic car.

    EIther they are extremely expensive or they won’t guarantee the safe travel for your vehicle. We think both of them aren’t good of an option for shipping exotic cars within the US soil.

    In the end, if you are looking to get your exotic car shipped within the country. We would highly advise you to hire an enclosed auto transport.

    What is White Glove Service in Car Shipping Service?

    White Glove Service is an expensive service related to shipping cars overseas and within borders of the United States. This type of shipment involves taking extra precautionary measures to haul your exotic car to its destination point.

    White Glove Service, in a nutshell, refers to the service where extremely careful handling procedures are undertaken to ship or transport goods from one place to the other. The goods shipped in this type of service will not have damages, scratches or even dust on the destination point.

    The goods or in this case, the car on the destination point will be inspected with putting on a white glove on one hand and touching the surface of the car with the white glove. To ensure that there isn’t dust on the car.

    The closest white glove service provided is via a shipment in a container whether it may be used for enclosed transport, shipping car overseas in ocean freight container or by air in the container.

    In order to protect the vehicle or goods from any sort of debris on the road and outside elements. To ensure 100% safe and secured shipment guaranteed.

    What are the Types of Transport Options for Exotic Car?

    There are mainly two options for hiring exotic auto transport service within the United States. The transport service is hired when the distance is long and you don’t want to be dozing off during transit.

    Open Transport

    This is the most common mode of shipping your car to the desired location. However, this isn’t recommended for someone who needs to transport an exotic car. The reason is simple.

    An open carrier, which is obvious by its name is a trailer with no roof or walls covering and protecting the cars from the elements. They are exposed and vulnerable to the weather condition such as rain, heavy storms, and snowfall. Not to mention the dust and road debris.

    Enclosed Transport

    This is the recommended mode of transport service if you are shipping an exotic car. Enclosed auto transport has a well-shut container, completely blocking all the outside elements.

    So, you don’t have to worry about the bad weather conditions and the usual road debris when you hire an enclosed carrier.

    The cars are gingerly lifted with the hydraulic ramp from the ground and put it inside the container with extreme care and caution. In order to eliminate any chances of scratches on the car. That is very much similar to white glove service.

    This mode of transport is expensive. Nevertheless, if you want to ship your exotic car without any hassle or fuss, then it’s probably the best way to transport to your desired location.

    Other Modes of Transportation of Cars

    There are few other modes of transportation cars. However, these services are hired when you’re about to ship your exotic car outside or sometimes within the United States.

    Shipping By Sea

    There are various methods of shipping exotic cars via sea. There is a RORO method, where your car is rolled on to a ship and rolled off of it to the designated country or its port.

    Then there’s hiring another exotic vehicle shipping service in a shipping container overseas. Similar to enclosed auto transport, this is also an expensive mode of transit. As it will be a personalized container that contains one or two vehicles to ship overseas.

    Transport by Air

    This is the most expensive way to move your exotic car whether overseas or within the United States. Hire this mode of transportation, if you have some serious amount of money and can easily afford the charges of air freights.

    The only perk of shipping your car by air is that it is the also fastest mode of transportation to anywhere in the US or the world.

    Auto Rail Transport

    It is the mode of auto transport service where instead of the carrier, a rail service is hired to transport your vehicle. It’s mostly hired by because of it’s fast delivery as the train doesn’t get stopped due to roadblocks, bad weather, etc.

    There are two ways to hire exotic car transport service. Either you hire an open carrier or an enclosed one. The differences of similar to the differences auto transport by truck.

    The setbacks of hiring auto rail transport service are that they have a certain quota that they have to fulfill before they head on to shipping your car.

    Getting a Car Transport Insurance for Exotic Car

    When you owned a luxury, and exotic cars you’re bound to its high maintenance. Everything matters in the shipment of your Exotic Vehicle.

    Therefore, you cannot make exceptions for insurance of vehicle shipping either. Owning an exotic car is probably one of biggest investments.

    It’d be a wise for you not to cut corners and do whatever it takes to protect your investment. Even though auto shipping carriers are liable to provide insurance for its freight.

    For being on the safe side, and to have a peace of mind, you have to ensure that the car shipping is providing the adequate amount of insurance or not.

    Most well-reputed auto hauling companies to provide the insurance of the total cargo’s net worth.

    Summing Up

    An exotic car delivery is an expensive investment and you don’t want to hand over your car keys any random Exotic Car Shipping Service providers, do you? In order to find a reliable auto transport service, you can sign up at Auto Transport City (ATC).

    ATC is a marketplace, where only FMCSA licensed auto shipping companies are authorized to provide shipping services for your pride and joy.

    If you have any queries regarding the car shipping service you are always welcome to leave a message at We will get back to you as soon we possibly can.

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