Vehicle Hauling

Vehicle Hauling

Vehicle Hauling Options: Open Container or Enclosed Container?

Whether you are planning to transport a luxury vehicle, a brand new sedan or a secondhand car, it is mightily important for you to consider what vehicle transport company you are going to trust to take care of your vehicle hauling. If you are leading a busy lifestyle, this might be such a taxing choice. For you to make especially if you don’t have the time. To spend to search for the right vehicle hauling company. What you should do is to avail of our simple service of acting as a broker between you and the prospective car shipping companies. Our company, Auto Transport City, offers you the chance to get to know more about the top auto transport companies in the United States before you finally choose one of them as a car delivery contractor.

Our company’s service works quite easy. Visit our site and fill up the form found there. In a matter of 30 seconds, our company can come up with quotations from the top 8 American vehicle hauling companies. From there, you will be able to choose. What kind of service and method of car transport you need for your vehicle.

There are basically two methods for vehicle transport. Open-Carrier trailer and Enclosed-Carrier trailer, details are as follows:

Open Vehicle Hauling Container Option

An open vehicle hauling container, as the name suggests, has no roof or wall. That will protect your vehicles from environmental factors such as the sun, the wind, dust, snow, and rain. These are the trucks you see on the road toting around levels of cars.

There aren’t many incidents wherein open container damages or breaks any part of the car or even its paint. However, although such incidences are rare, they are still not impossible. Open containers would most probably suit secondhand cars bought from outside the state. This is the most practical and cost-effective way of the vehicle hauling from one state to another.

Enclosed Vehicle Hauling Container Option

Unlike with an open container, an enclosed container is a trailer-truck-like delivery system. Here, we put your cars inside a container van. So that it will be protected from external factors like rain, road debris, hail, dust, and dirt. Most buyers of luxury automobiles, classic cars, and brand new vehicles. Choose this method of vehicle hauling. Also, people who are transporting racing and exotic cars are encouraged to use this particular method.

Of course, an enclosed vehicle hauling container assures. That your car will arrive at its destination the same way that it left its previous location. Although enclosed container can be quite expensive than the other method of open container, this scheme is probably what everybody would like their cars to be transported in as long as they have the money.

But regardless of where you need your vehicles to go and from what location they will be coming, our company Auto Transport City will give you the best quotation from the top 8 vehicle hauling companies in the United States.