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    Summer OR Winter? When to ship your car !

    The vehicle transport industry varies on happenstances and occasions. Entirely different from delivery of a parcel via the postal network. In which, all you have to do is take a quick look at the package which you’re supposed to send. And how fast you want it to be delivered and pay that specific amount for instant delivery. The same is not the case with vehicle transport. It requires precision and lot of planning are exhausted into this. They are other various factors to consider also. Clients looking for vehicle transport requires excellent administrative and customer service. In order to the reap the benefits of hiring a vehicle transport company and do not have the luxury of waiting for the prices to fall. Knowing how the business works during different seasons, your vehicle transport depends on several factors. Some of these factors include extreme weather conditions that play a big part in the delaying of your shipment and on the steep cost of transportation.

    Summer Can Cost You More During the late spring, there is a lot of significance in hiring vehicle transport service than during the rest of the other seasons combined. As the sun is clear, winds are breezing and there are no major thunderstorms during these seasons. There are a lot of people tend to choose this time of the year to transport their vehicle. Auto Transport industry is a focused industry. There are few transport companies who still cannot land their deals with their respective car shippers. These companies sometimes even trouble in finding their desired clientele. It usually happens because of the absence of customer foundation. It might seem like a shock to you to how many people move towards south during the spring. Metropolitan territories considerably have a higher number of car shipping trailers than the countryside. Almost everyone hires vehicle transport companies during the summer. Most of them are related from the metropolitan areas. This also gives an advantage to the vehicle transport companies to take most suitable shipment jobs during the summer.

    Why winter takes Longer for vehicle transport?

    During the winter, the cost of vehicle transport tends to drop significantly. A fewer number of people tend to hire car transport company during the winter. So, the vehicle transport now does not enjoy the luxury to choose their clientele, takes whatever shipment they get their hands on. The vehicle transport carriers also tend to get moody and frustrated to deadhead their carriers to the destination. Due to extreme winter, there are many courses of roads end up blocked off or tend to get more slippery. As more snow and ice begin to play a significant role in the northern states, the carriers take the burden of this extreme weather from left and right. Sometimes it can be more you’re troublesome for the vehicle transport company to know that a rival transporter has agreed to move vehicles through particular courses. Rival transporters tend to tough time when they have the drivers; who are well-versed with the routes and have know-how about driving during the extreme weather. However, there are many carriers who do not care for snow and many of them lost their shipment because of driving through black ice. The cost of car shipping will rise if you are not willing to wait for your shipment. The prices will rise up just like during the summer when you hire a vehicle transport company.

    Why is the gas more expensive during the Summer?

    During the beginning of the New Year, the price of gas tends to go up because of the maintenance period. The refineries prepared the summer-blended gas, which is required to hit the business channels by May 1. Prices tend to increase throughout the summer as the refineries keep on making this expensive type of gas blend.

    This summer gas blend has more expensive compounds that burn cleaner and attempts to lessen to reduce smog during the summer. So, there is a perk of purchasing this gas after all.
    Winter Vs Summer. Gas price comparison


    Other Factors of  Vehicle Transport

    There are numerous other factors of vehicle transport besides the time and season of the year. Some of them are mentioned below and worth noting:

    Area and Distance

    It is imperative that the cost of vehicle transport hugely depends on the area and distance of your shipment. The measure of the cost of your shipment depends on the starting off point of your shipment and the dropping-off point. The more distance you have, it’s more likely the cost would be more and increase also. On some rare occasions, that’s not how it works. For instance, if you are living in the urban area and you want your delivery to be on one of those densely populated areas. On these areas, truckers and car hauling carriers have a routine of driving through these areas. Therefore, it would cost less than if you are about to transport your vehicle to an isolated area. Those deserted and isolated areas will also cost you more where the truckers do not have their usual route. They would have to change their entire course in order to ship your vehicle, resulting in charging you more for their hassle.

    Hiring Type of Carriers

    The cost of vehicle transport also depends on the type of transport you choose. There are mainly two types of carriers, open and enclosed carriers. Open carriers are usually hired throughout the entire year, as they are the most cost-effective way to transport your vehicle. These carriers are wide-open and are vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. Therefore, there are a lot of precautionary measures you have to take in order to prepare your vehicle for the open transport, especially during the winter.
    You have to tightly shut windows and so that no cold breeze damage the insides of your car and engine.
    Remember to top off your antifreeze to keep the battery and inside of your vehicle nice and warm.
    As opposed to open carriers, enclosed carriers are tightly shut carriers with walls and roof to protect carriers from extreme weather conditions and provides privacy for your shipment. These carriers are usually expensive because of these privileges.
    At the end of the day, the car shipping quotes depend on the type of transport service you are looking for hire.

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