1937 willys-overland Aero

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# Of Vehicles: 1
Vehicle 1 Name:1937 willys-overland Aero Vehicle Run Modified Convertable
Service Type:enclosed Transport

Vehicle Dimension

Vehicle 1

Length:15 ft 81 in Curb Weight lbs
Width:6 ft 07 in
Height:5 ft 02 in

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$ 805

Let's Sell Realty and Rods

Let's Sell Realty and Rods

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Open Transport
BID: $805
Payment Method:"Cash,Credit Card"
Payment Accepted: "Before Pickup,At Delivery"


Bid Placed On 16/Jan/2019

Expires 01-17-2019 17:36:18 Hours

Service Provider will pick-up shipment in 2 Days
Service Provider will deliver shipment in 4 Days after pick-up
Service Type:
Open Transport
Transport Mode:
Vehicle Type:
Auto Carrier
Additional Info:
I don't bid unless I know I can get them moved in a timely manner, I will not bid so low that trucks won't move my bids Include all fees and taxes I prefer to under promise and over deliver. Bid may be flexible but most carriers won't move for less then 1.80 a mile in a timely manner therefore I always bid to include all fuel fees taxes, no hidden fees Guaranteed service and Quality of service
Payment Terms:
will discuss my payment terms with client in person.
Broker's Terms:
I offer my carriers prepay, with Guaranteed service delivery with in a week of deposit being paid,

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Questions about this shipment

  • AllStateToState  , 01-11-2019 17:44:51
    Hi, Does it roll, break and steer?
    (Reply to this Response)
    • richard  , 01-12-2019 00:30:58
      steers and rolls no brakes
      (Reply to this Response)
      • AllStateToState  , 01-12-2019 13:49:07
        We appreciate your reply. Is there any help on pick up and delivery also would you prefer Open Transport, This will cost you cheaper than Enclosed transport?
  • ShipA1  , 01-11-2019 17:45:54
    Hi, Does it roll, break and steer? We are ready to pick up this.
    (Reply to this Response)
    • richard  , 01-12-2019 00:32:56
      rolls steers no brakes
      (Reply to this Response)
      • ShipA1  , 01-12-2019 13:55:48
        Is this B2B or from Residence?