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    Car Transport Estimate

    Calm Down! “Calm down”, is what I would say because lots of people get anxiety attacks when they are talked about the “cost” of shipping a car. It’s actually not that much. What’s worrisome is the“shipping company” of your car and not the cost. The glad tidings about it are, to transport a car all over the “Continental United States” the car transport estimate falls between $400 to $2000. This is an average cost to transport a regular sedan and the cost may vary upon several factors. At first, we would discuss the imperative factors that affect shipping cost and then about the cost of different states etc. There you go:


    Vehicle size:

    It’s not like your 2015 Lexus LS 460 Sedan that is 4,233 pounds and Smart Fortwo having 1,808 pounds with a humongous difference in the weight would still cost you the same. Vehicle size is a vital determinant of the cost no matter in which bracket your car falls in. So, You are not allowed to party if the car being shipped is a “Sedan”. Because a Mid-sized sedan would cost you $50 and a sedan heavier in weight or larger would cost you $100.

    Vehicle type:

    Again here, you will be charged more as per your vehicle type. Obviously, there is a hell of a difference between a truck and a sedan. You should definitely keep in mind about the excessive costs related to the average cost to transport car. For shipping an SUV you should expect to pay around $75, for an SUV $125, and a full-size truck would cost anywhere between $150.

    Effect of a condition of the vehicle on car transport estimate:   

    This is something you won’t be expecting but if your car is inoperable then you need to pay some extra amount. You are in a deep problem if your car needs to be forklifted or hauled on the trailer then you will be charged as per the vehicle’s size. Usually, it’s anywhere around $200 to $500.

    Trailer type:  

    With the open-air carrier, you need to take a chill pill and enjoy your low-cost transport. But in the case of an enclosed trailer, you have got a little unlucky. A whopping 80% increase in the cost of transporting the car will be added comparatively with the open-air carrier just because the trailer you are using is enclosed.

    Expedited shipping services:

    As we already know, “someone else’s problem is your opportunity” just like that if you are in a hurry due to whatsoever reason “expedited shipping service” will come in to rescue you. But along with that, it has a cost aligned to it. If you want the car to be shipped in 5 days the car transport estimate would be increased by $100, if 2 days then $300 and if the very next day then it would cost $500.  

    Season of shipping:  

    The season will greatly impact the average cost to transport car. As in summers (high season), the earning season starts for the auto transporters and the vehicle transporters charge high car transport estimate. You can pay anywhere between $100 to $500 when there is a holiday or the season demand is at its peak.

    The current price of fuel:

    Transporting your car from Miami to Florida won’t be the same as it was the last week. Because of the economic fluctuations. The fluctuations are about the price of diesel or gas. A $100 or $300 could be charged higher if there is a spike in the gas prices.

    Pickup and dropoff destination:

    Surprisingly you might think that from New York to California’s auto transportation car transport estimate will be higher because they are big cities. But the answer is “NO”. Because of the cut-throat competition between the vehicle shippers of big cities, car movers are bound to set lower prices. If the pickup location is a remote location then there is a higher chance that you will be charged more. Because there are no highways there and the trailer will face several challenges entering that remote area is the reason for higher car transport estimate. The biggest reason is also that the trailer will have to leave the routes that have high demand and go to a remote area just for the delivery of a single car. It would cost near to double the quoted price because of the variation in the pickup and drop off location.   

    Average cost to ship a car from state to state:

    The average car transport estimate from state to state may vary. But the average cost to transport car in the premises of Continental United States is $950. But you don’t need to think that these prices are god’s commandment which could not be wrong. No, cost of transporting car do vary on several other factors. Weather condition, vehicle type and the type of trailer are some of the common factors which may increase your price. One of the most mystifying things when it comes to auto transporting is the “distance”. The thumb rule for it is pretty easy. Longer the distance, lesser the price. Shorter the distance, higher the price.

    When it comes to average cost to transport car per mile it is $1 per mile. For a farther distance, the cost may get down to $0.5 per mile. These examples were built on the perception that the car is a normal sedan and with little or no service along with an open-air carrier. The costs may vary on several factors discussed above.  

    Since we now know the factors that affect the cost of transporting car and also the costs of shipping from state to state we will discuss the average cost to transport car of  particularly those states that are common auto transport routes:

    Auto transportation cost from California to Washington:

    The auto transport price and weather of California to Washington auto transport may surprise you a lot. Shipping from Grape city to Washington is a little pricey. You may expect to pay anywhere between $700 to $1200 when shipping from the state of California to the state of Washington. You have to stay vigilant about the weather as in California either there is extreme cold or extremely hot and nothing in between.

    Average cost to transport a car from Massachusetts to Arizona:

    The average car transport estimate for shipping to Massachusetts to Arizona is $900 to $1000. The main culprit in this route is the winter season. You should expect to pay about $200 to $300 more in winters because of the slow down brought by the blessing of weather conditions.    



    The most important constituent although is the company research” in the selection of a reliable auto transport company but what good does it do if you aren’t saving a few bucks along with a good service?. Although the prices took are from live data but they may vary based on a dozen other factors. But after getting aware of at least the average costs you will be saved from the snake oil salesman’s forgery and deceive.   

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