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    11 Key Points When dealing with Best Car Shipping Companies

    There are many aspects to put into consideration when you are looking for best car shipping companies to transport your vehicles across the states. Because shipping your car by yourself is a painstaking ordeal, and no one wants to transport the vehicle for a long distance, let alone short distance. Therefore, the need for hiring car shipping companies have paramount importance. These car shipping companies undertake this huge amount of ordeal upon themselves and relieve you from carrying this huge burden. However, shortlisting the right car shipping companies also take time and resources. Well, no need to get worried now because we have established some valuable key points that need to be followed in order for you to get the right car shipping company in no time at all.

    1- Selecting Best Car Shipping Companies

    Whether you want to ship your vehicle locally or across the state, you should not take any decisions in haste. Have your undivided attention on finding out a trustworthy car shipping company. Ensure your desired car shipping company is registered with DOT (Department of Transportation) and has license number of both MC (Motor Carrier) and the USDOT (United States Department of Transportation).

    2 - Researching Car Shipping Companies

    It is imperative that you do your research before you start doing business with any car shipping company. Almost every car shipping companies out there in the market have proper license and MC and USDOT registration number. However, these licenses should not be sufficient in hiring their services. You have to know their credibility and their reputation in the market. To do that, you can simply google them online and see their reviews and feedback given to them by their previous customers. Their positive or negative reviews would give you a general idea about their services and will also be able to assist you in finalizing your decision. It takes a little extra bit of your time.

    However, there is a better alternative. You can also sign-up at Auto Transport City, an online e-commerce marketplace where you instantly get connected with various car shipping companies to assist you with all your auto shipping needs.

    3 - Verifying Car Shipping Insurance

    To get your facts straight, always check out all your prospected car shipping companies whether they provide insurance or not. You should always ask your car shipping company about it before you hired to do your vehicle shipping. Get information about their insurance policies such as, do they cover your vehicle fully or not, if damages incurred during the course of shipment?

    4 - Picking Up and Dropping-Off Points

    Generally, car shipping companies policies vary on picking up and dropping off locations. It is better to ask them about it, whether they will pick up your car from your residence, or (whether you just bought a new vehicle and hire them) to pick up from the car dealer’s location. There are some car shipping companies who have a specific car shipping terminal where they drop-off or pick up vehicles. Many times, their carriers cannot come into urban small streets to their shipper’s home due to their large size. These are some of the information you want to acquire from your respective car transport company.

    5 - Car Shipping Companies Rates and Quotations

    The car shipping rates may vary from which car shipping company you are about to hire, their reputation on the market. The main determinants of the cost of car shipping companies are but not limited to the distance of the desired destination, type of car transport, type of car carrier, seasonal factors, the date and time of the shipment, the size of the vehicle and many more.

    6 - Time Fluctuations

    The amount of distance will surely affect the delivery time of your shipment. If you are planning to ship locally within the state, it does not take much of your time. However, in case of car shipping across the state, it will surely take more time. It is highly recommended that you plan ahead of time in order for you to get vehicle transported to your new location in a timely fashion.

    7 - Car Shipping Preparations

    When you about to hand over your car to any of the best car shipping companies, you are required to remove or disable items from your vehicle such as spoilers, car alarms, stereos, etc. You should also take photos of your vehicle before the car shipping carrier arrives. This will enable to provide evidence and claim any damages if incurred, during the shipment of your vehicle.

    8 - Leaving Items on your Vehicle

    Sometimes it is not the best idea to leave your personal belongings or stuff that might be illegal in other states. This could get you into serious trouble. It is always better to remove all your possessions, important documents, or anything that may consider illegal in other states. Furthermore, there are somethings that even your insurance will not cover. So, always to do through check on your car before car transport carriers arrive to pick up.

    9 - Gas Tank Limitation

    There are almost all car shipping companies have the standard gas tank policy ¼ of filling. So, burn out your gas tank by driving if you have to. Because if your vehicle transport company has this policy, they will refuse to take your shipment or may be possible that they will charge you extra for additional weight their carriers have to carry.

    10 - Extra Features

    Most car shipping companies offer extra features for your requirements and some don’t. It is, therefore, your responsibility to sift through all the potential car shipping companies that provide that additional or exceptional features you require for your shipment. At ATC, you may find some auto transport companies who will be looking forward to meeting all your needs and requirements for your shipment.

    11 - Car Transport Contracts

    You will be required to sign a written contractual agreement before they undertake the task to ship your vehicle. This is a standard procedure. Before you put down your signature on any contract, ensure to read everything carefully. Do not be hesitant to inquire about any queries or discrepancies that you may find in the contract.

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