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    How to Choose the right Service to move your car?

    When you think about moving to a new state or a city, there are a lot of thoughts going round in your mind. You need precise planning to organize your moving procedures.

    Moving to a new place having shorter distance is quite easy. All you need to do is pack your things and get in your car and hit the road.

    However, long distance moving is not that simple. Long Distance moving is much more complicated than that. Considering you have to pack up to move your things to a new place is not hassle enough, you also have something to do with moving a car as well.

    There is a lot of consideration and a lot much thought during the period when you are moving your car. To help you out to make conscious of your car moving, here are some of the useful tips you can follow.

    How to select the type of auto moving service?


    We all know how hard it can be to get your car moved to a new place, mainly when you are about to move on a long distance trip.

    This could get even worse when you need to transport more than one vehicle. This definitely a fact when you hire well-experienced car moving company, it can be a little pricey than transporting it by yourself.

    However, when hiring a well-versed vehicle moving service, it would save you time and resources, the exhausting hassle of driving it by yourself for days, and your mileage.

    Therefore, it is imperative that you put into consideration to hire a trustworthy auto moving companies. It may be a little heavy on your pocket but it sure beats the hassle of driving it by yourself.

    While we are at hiring a decent car shipping company. Here is also a tip. Sign up at Auto Transport City (ATC) and create your shipment there.

    You will get hundreds of professional auto movers waiting for your go-ahead to move your vehicle to anywhere in the US (except Alaska and Hawaii).




    To Sell, or Not to Sell your car? That is the question.


    On some rare occasions, the cost of shipping your car would be more than the cost of your car. When this sort of predicament arises, we suggest you sell your car instead hire someone to move it.

    You would probably have to change your driving license and the number plates when you move to another state. In some cases, buying a new vehicle could a good notion.

    There are also other factors to consider such as emission and safety standards. They usually differ from state to state. Hence, when you’re in doubt, throw it out. If you know the phrase, then you may get the idea what I'm about to tell you next.

    When you think that car will not be able to clear all the tests, then it’s probably the best option to sell it. When you buy a new car in another state, it will meet all the local requirements.

    You can also get in touch with the respective state’s DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) and inquire them:







    • What Test of emission and safety required to pass your vehicle?
    • How much do you have to pay for testing?
    • If you buy a used vehicle, how many tests are required and how much do you have to pay for testing?


    After all, buying a new vehicle is always expensive and it is therefore not the best course of action. However, hiring a decent car moving company is always comes under your budget.

    If you plan to buy a new vehicle, here is a guide to new and redesigned 2018 vehicles




    How to Analyze a car moving company?


    Digging into a car moving company is of paramount importance. You should go online and read reviews about their services before you acquire their services.

    You go to different venues and find out your Affordable auto moving company if they have any complaints made against them.

    Speaking of venues, Auto Transport City provides a great venue where you get connected with the various auto transport companies and view their reviews and feedback.

    You would also be able to view how long they have been in the business to measure their credibility. In the end, In order for you decide which car transport service suits you the best.





    How will your vehicle be transported?


    Well, you would see that almost all long-distance auto moving companies will provide with an estimate of transporting your vehicle.

    They will let you know about the pickup and delivery dates. Many long-distance car moving companies will also provide the facility of safe-keeping your vehicle in their shipping depot.

    They will charge you extra for this facility. It usually happens when your vehicle picking update clashes with your personal or professional timings. Thus, you can’t be able to pick up your vehicle at the appointed date.

    If you want to hire a long distance car shipping company, be sure to describe your shipment as accurate as possible. This will allow them to quote the most precise amount of your shipment. These descriptions include the size of the vehicle, the current condition, the model and make of your car, pickup and drop-off location, weight, and width of your car, and the insurance coverage.

    Always remember to inquire your respective auto movers company about the insurance policy for your shipment. It’s better to know prior to moving your vehicle whether they cover your vehicle with insurance or not.

    When your car transport company undertakes the tasks of getting your car hauled, they also do a little inspection on your vehicle. Ensure to take photos of your car prior to handing it over to the vehicle moving company. Also, make sure that the current condition of your car is precisely described by your respective car shipping company in their report. This will assist you in making your claim if the car carrier driver damages your car during the course of the shipment. It will also assist you in claiming your losses incurred during the shipment with your own insurance company if you have one.

    Don’t forget to take out all your personal belongings out of your car when you about to hand over it to your moving company.

    All in all, your decision to hire a well-versed and trusted car shipper to transport your vehicle for the long distance will not be going in vain.

    Want to get connected with a transporter now? Here is the link to our marketplace. Just sign-up for free and start creating your shipment now.




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