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    All you need to know about Vehicle Delivery Service

    When you are moving to new place, state or a city. Your furniture, appliances and almost everything moves with you to your new home. This is also the case with automobiles shipment. If the distance is short, you usually go and pack up your things and get in your car and move to your new home. However, this can’t be said for the long distance travels. Hiring a car shipping service is much of a better option. Why is it a better option? Well, you will save yourself from the hassle of driving for days and hours on the road. You would also be able to save your mileage on gas and night lodgings and stays. Your car will be well-protected on to the trailer of auto shipping service than on the road. Hence, shipping a car is always the best option, if you want your car to be transported safely and securely.

    To learn more about it, go through all the most frequently asked questions about the car delivery program on the internet.

    What is car delivery Service?

    Auto delivery service can be divided into ways, either through a car shippers or through an auto transport broker. You may ask what is the difference between them? Well, the carrier is the type of service that undertakes the task of picking up and delivering cars. The car delivery brokers are mediators that organize the transporting process. However, they do not provide automobile delivery service themselves. In most cases, it is more costly to hire a broker because you have to pay for the car carrier and the shipping broker’s fees. Apart from that, it is the broker’s decision to select best auto transport companies for you. Having said that, the broker is liable to handle all the paperwork for you, that includes the selection of car carriers and payments. You can make the decision for yourself which options out of these two suits you the best.

    There is still one better option at Auto Transport City. Auto Transport City (ATC) is an online e-commerce marketplace where you get in touch with various automobile delivery service companies who are at your disposal to assist you with all your car shipping hassles.

    What is auto shipping bid and how do I Get One?

    The bid is made to inform you about the most probable cost for your car delivery. Both the broker and the auto shipping service provider will need every details about the vehicle. That includes its size, length, height and weight, its width, make and year model. The condition of the vehicle, whether it’s operable or inoperable. If it is modified or convertible, and of course, the distance of your destination. Be sure to include some of the recent photos of your car to the company or the broker. This will enable them to quote you the most accurate bid for your car to be delivered. Precisely, the cost of your shipment will depend on whether you hire a car transport broker or you select a car shipping carriers. The prices will also depend on what charges they will set and quote you for your shipment. The prices of car delivery from the state to state usually are higher than short distance deliveries.

    To assist you with getting an estimate, ATC provides Instant Price Estimate where you just need to fill out your postal address and the service type that you want to choose. Our marketplace also enables you to find the right car shipping company for your needs and requirements. For instance, if your vehicle is inoperable and requires extra care. Using our platform you would be able to get in touch with professional car transport companies who would provide solutions for your vehicle in no time.

    It is of paramount importance that you provide authentic information to carriers. If you conceal any facts regarding your auto shipment to save cost. The transportation company will not be prepared for any surprises. They will not have the right carrier equipment to haul your vehicle. Their trip will also be in vain which will cost you even more. The American auto transport companies require the information about the size of the vehicle they are about to haul and carry. So, they can get equipped with the most suitable tools and hauling equipment.

    You can learn more about the estimate the cost of shipping, here.


    How to choose a Car Delivery Service?

    The respective auto transport company has to be trustworthy. It has to be fully licensed, registered with FMCSA and its drivers have CDL (Commercial Driver’s License). These are essential documentation that you have to check and verify yourself. It could be a real pain in the neck to find a decent car shipping service providers that you can rely on. Especially, if you are new to this and do not know anything about the vehicle shipping companies. In our humble opinion, we advise you to use Auto Transport City where you get connected with various auto shipping companies. You can decide yourself which car transport companies suits you the best.

    Where will my vehicle be picked up?

    Your car can either by be picked up at a terminal or from your residence and it could be shipped and delivered to any of them. Door-to-Door transport will give you the ultimate satisfaction of delivering the vehicle right at your doorstep without you doing anything. However, it's sometimes a little expensive. Depends on which car transport company you hired for the job. Nevertheless, Terminal-to-Terminal also provides some sort of convenience, your car is safely parked in the shipping terminal. At your convenience, you can appoint a date to pick up your vehicle. Always be informed and be wary of how long will it take your vehicle to be transported to your home or at a terminal.

    How do I pay for the car delivery service?

    This is a very tricky part of the article. The car shippers are usually asked to make the payment in advance either in a lump sum or make a downpayment and the rest at the end of the job. However, there are some car delivery service providers who would ask you make payments from non-returnable or non-refundable payment methods. Such payment method includes Western Union and MoneyGram. Always be aware of these companies and avoid them having any business with them.

    We advise you to use the venue of Auto Transport. ATC provides a safe and reliable payment system to its members.

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