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    Most effective tactics for moving your car

    You just selected a moving company to move your automobile, and now you have to start making preparations for the shipment. Since you are new to this and don’t really know it works. No worries! By the time you read this article, you will be well-versed in auto shipping in no time.

    We have never reached this point yet where we can fly our vehicles, other than SpaceX launched their Tesla into space.

    In plain words, no one really likes to undertake this painstaking hassle of driving their vehicles all by themselves to another place, city or a state. Whether it may be short or a long distance, there are several people amongst us who just don’t want to deal with this trouble.

    There could be several reasons for moving your car to another state. There are some preparations that you have to do as well.

    Here are the steps that you have to take before you hand over your car keys to the car moving company:

    Have a Car Wash


    It is imperative to have a car wash before car carrier arrives to pick up your automobile. Why might you ask? Well, by having a car wash, you’d know exactly what your car’s exterior looks like. You’d also be able to find any dents or discoloration on your auto. You can check out the paint if it has been chipped or not. Though it may be unusual for a car to take damage during the shipment process. To be on safe side, it’s better to know about any damages before a vehicle moving company picks it up.

    Also, ensure to empty out all loose items that are inside of the car. For instance, loose change, ster

    eo, cables, etc. Take out any removable items from your automobile. Here is a Video how you can wash your car at home




    Take snapshots


    It is of paramount importance to take photos of your vehicle inside and outside of your vehicle. If there is any kind of damage, dent, discoloration or paint chips. Be sure to take their photographs. In case of any new damage incurred during the car moving. If you are already covered by insurance, you would easily be able to indemnify any losses occurred.





    Deactivate your car alarm


    Ensure to disarm your car alarm when you are about to hand over your vehicle to an auto moving company. It is well-advised that you maintain a good relationship with your respective auto hauling driver.

    Important: The car moving driver has the legal right to deactivate your alarm if it goes during the shipment process.





    Clear your private possessions


    Most auto moving companies employ honest and upright employees. However, it does not mean that you should be careless with your possessions. Take out all your things when they pick up your vehicle.

    Ensure not to overload by adding additional weights onto your car, is considered oversize loads. Therefore, it’s well-versed to remove all your possessions. Not every time that you will deal with honest car shipping companies and leave your vehicle as it was when you leave them with.

    The belongings that you need to take out of your car, include a multimedia player, GPS, and stereo. Don’t also leave out your parking passes and toll tags. Take them out as well.

    As your vehicle would be on the road, it seems likely that your toll tag may pick up fees along the way. Do yourself a favor and take them out and save your money.





    Top off Your Anti-Freeze


    If you are getting your vehicle transported during the winter season. It is important that you top off your antifreeze and shut tight all your windows. This will prevent to get the inside of your vehicle from getting extremely cold. Antifreeze will also not let this extreme weather cause harm to your car’s battery. Therefore, ensure to always to top off Antifreeze before auto moving company picks up your vehicle.





    Detach loose components from your car


    You have to make sure that you remove or either procure any components that are loosely attached outside of the automobile. Ensure to remove your antenna and put it at the back of the trunk completely detached.

    If you have a convertible or a Cabrio. Ensure to secure the top tightly shut. Or else, the Cabrio will be susceptible to extreme weather conditions.

    You should also consider removing customer spoilers or any other part. They are also at potential risk of being damaged during the shipment process.

    Last but not the least, ensure to fold your side-view mirrors before handing over the car to your car moving company.





    Empty your gas tank of your automobile


    This could not be stressed enough when you hire an auto moving company to ship your vehicle. You are required to empty out your gas tank as much as you possibly can.

    The filled up gas tank makes the car heavier which in turn, makes the car carrier heavier. The ideal gas tank should be ¼ or less.





    Inspect for repairs and upkeep


    When you hand over your vehicle to the car moving company, it’s wise to check your car for upkeep. Ensure to fill up the fluids and lubricants where required.

    First of all, check for any leakages. Get it fixed as soon as possible if you find one. Auto moving company has the policy to refuse your shipment if they find any big leakage on your car.

    In order to get your automobile moved safely, you need to check your tires are properly inflated or not. Otherwise, it may cause potential harm to your car. These damages are likely to occur during the loading or unloading of your automobile. No need to take any risk, get it fixed if you find any problem with your tires.

    Check your battery if it is fully charged or not. If there are any malfunctions, make a note of it. Hand over the notes to the auto moving driver for instructions. They will take extra precautions in handling your vehicle.

    Finally, review your mileage and make note of it.





    Extra car keys are helpful!


    It is not wise to give your only car keys to a car moving driver. You don’t want to be in that position where it gets lost or went missing.

    To be on the safe side, have an extra set of car keys made before you hand over your original car keys to a vehicle moving driver.

    United locksmith has written a great article on “Why Everyone Needs A Spare Car Key” check it out here





    Lock the Car


    Quite obvious, you don’t want anyone to snooping through your vehicle. In order to do that, you better lock your car and prevent yourself to get your valuables stolen.

    Do you still need more information for the preparation of auto transport?

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