How Much Is It To Ship A Car ?

how much is it to ship a car

When relocating, the car shipping services takes place. The increased growth of car shipping companies in the US signifies the need of car transport services. Similarly, whether it’s the manufacturers or people transporting their vehicles across the US. The essential question would be how much does it cost to ship a car?. In addition, the requirement of reliable auto transport service is indispensable. For this reason, we will analyze the factors which affect the cost of shipping a car.

Furthermore, we will perform the extensive inspection solely for the purpose of consumer education. Since we believe in the “Right To Information” and consumers should always examine these elements to comprehensively determine the reliability of the auto transport company. On the other hand, the crucial steps to follow, and how to prepare your vehicle for shipping?. The procedure which is recommended by the professionals and makes the process of shipping much more effective and safe. In addition, the different methods of shipping a vehicle. For instance, door to door auto transport, terminal to terminal auto transport, and expedite car shipping services.

Cost To Ship A Car

Although, the car shipping cost depends on quite a few factors. However, the average cost per mile is around $0.46 to $2.00, since the price is heavily dependent on the fuel price and the distance. For instance, the car shipping rate for 500 miles would be around $400 to $500, but for 1000 miles the shipping rate is around $750 to $850. Since higher the distance the lower is the cost per mile.

As mentioned earlier, the quite a few factors which affect the car shipping cost, and the methods of shipping a vehicle are as follows:

  1. Distance

The range of the distance between one point to another. The points are car pickup and car delivery location. This is the first input every auto shipping quote generator takes from the customer. Therefore, the car shipping price will be calculated in accordance with the distance info.

      2. Vehicle Make & Model

The specification of the vehicle is a necessary requirement. For instance, the car shipping rates differ between different types of vehicles, transporting a sedan is cheaper than transporting a pickup truck. For this reason, the weight, height, and length is required and expect higher prices for the weighty vehicles.

      3. Type Of Transportation

The open trailer and the enclosed trailer are two distinct methods of vehicle shipping services. Both types of transportation have their pros and cons. For instance, the open transport is the cheapest way to ship a car and the truck will be attached to the open-air trailer. As a result, open transport consumes less fuel, which makes the car shipping cost lower.

Whereas, the enclosed transport service uses a box trailer(enclosed) for the transportation of vehicles. The trailer is quite heavy and specifically designed to transport classic, luxury, and new vehicles. As a result, it consumes more fuel and is quite expensive(as opposed to open transport).

     4. Seasonality, Supply & Demand fluctuations, and the Location

These factors also affect the car shipping cost. The bad weather conditions can easily disturb the environment and cause problems for the trucker. As a result, the cost of shipping a car from an icy-cold place to a warmer area will be higher.

Similarly, the supply and demand fluctuations have a big impact on the auto shipping cost. For instance, the summer vacations, a lot of people relocate in such occasions and transporting a vehicle to such areas will be expensive(as opposed to average days).

The location effect can be described as the difference between the urban and rural areas. This is due to the fact that areas where population density is high ultimately, the car carrier trailer is easy to find. Whereas, the areas where the population density is low, there are not many carrier companies. Which makes the car shipping cost higher.

Preparing Your Vehicle For Shipping

Furthermore, the professional auto transport companies recommend their customers to follow these guidelines before handing over your vehicle to the car carrier trailer. The guidelines are as follows:

  • The fuel tank should not be full, recommended fuel ratio is 1/4.
  • Examine the tires completely and make sure they are in good condition.
  • Take pictures of the vehicle interior as well as exterior(it would serve as an evidence of the current condition of the vehicle).
  • Remove all the exterior gadgets/accessories(if any), since they are likely to get damage.
  • Wash your vehicle and thoroughly inspect the vehicle(especially for open-air transport).


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Door To Door Auto Transport

The term door-to-door transport refers to car delivery at your doorstep(if applicable). For instance, if you book the door to door service with any reliable auto transport company. There are certain aspects you should keep in mind. Such as the width of your street, and if the state laws allow the car carrier trailer in your town. If you are residing in an urban area and the streets are quite narrow for the 100ft trailer. Then, consider terminal to terminal car transport. Also, the door to door to auto transport cost is quite expensive than a standard transportation.

Terminal To Terminal Car Shipping

This is considered as the standard method of car shipping. And quite a few people across the US prefer this method for auto shipping. It is cheap and provides the car delivery on the same trailers used for expedited shipping services. However, it should be noticed that in this method the car will be delivered at the nearest terminal near you. The terminal(storage-facility) representative will contact you and inform you when your vehicle will arrive at the terminal. You can also store and pick up the vehicle from the terminal at your preferred time.

Expedited Shipping Services

Briefly, this is the fastest way to ship a car and it simply means expediting the shipping services. Usually, it takes 1-7 for the vehicle pickup service, and 1-14 for enclosed trailer service. However, you can speed up the process, and get your vehicle picked up in just 1-2 days. This is quite expensive as opposed to other car shipping methods. Since the availability of the car carrier trailer is scarce when arranging at the specified time. Therefore, the auto transport companies make efforts and arrange the trucker at the specified time, which ultimately results in more money.

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Compare Car Shipping Quotes

The comparison of your car shipping quotes is of utmost importance. It is the best strategy against the vast number of auto transport companies in the US. Whether you choose terminal to terminal car shipping or expedited shipping services. Compare the car shipping quotes and make sure you are getting the best prices for your vehicle transportation. The best way to do this is through auto transport brokers. Since they can provide you quick car shipping quotes from different auto transport companies.

Here are some of the latest car shipping quotes, the estimated amount of shipping a sedan vehicle would cost you around $350 to $400 from Los Angeles to San Francisco. On the other hand, long-distance transportation from New York to San Diego will cost you around $1,000 to $1,250. Certainly, the cost of shipping a car varies on the factors mentioned above.