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Classic car owners protect their beauty with elegance. Perhaps, only the classic vehicle owner knows the true worth of an art. For this reason, the protection of the classic vehicle is the first priority for an owner. Therefore, when you are planning to ship your classic beauty, first and foremost, the question would be where to find the exceptional car delivery services?

No doubt, there are quite a few car shipping companies in the US, which are experienced enough to provide the best classic car shipping services. Since only professionals can be trusted for transporting a classic vehicle. Therefore, we are going to examine the factors which will help us determine the true players of the vehicle shipping industries.

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Classic Auto Car Transport Guide

An enclosed trailer is the most effective type of transport for classic vehicle shipping. The enclosed trailer provides complete protection of the vehicle. On the contrary, the open car carrier trailers do not provide safety from rain, snow, and most importantly dust. Therefore, classic vehicle owners always prefer the enclosed type of transportation. Safety of the vehicle is the main concern because classic vehicles are expensive and precious goods. Therefore, make sure you are getting 100% safety from the car shipping company. Also, make sure the company is insured with FMCSA and provides cargo coverage.

Classic auto transport, as opposed to an average vehicle shipping, is about 30 times more expensive. For this reason, vehicle owners should always compare the price between different auto transport companies. This is not very difficult since you can find plenty of auto transport companies on the internet which provides quick car shipping quotes from different auto transport companies. Compare your quotes and you will be able to find the most effective shipping prices.


How Much Classic Car Transport Cost?

There are different factors which determine, how much does it cost to have a car shipped. All the auto shipping companies follow these guidelines and calculate the quote in accordance with these factors. The 6 main points are mentioned below:

  1. Distance (longer the distance higher the price).
  2. Vehicle Make & Model (for weight and height specifications).
  3. Vehicle Condition(Non-running vehicles are applied additional charges).
  4. Transport Type(Open Or Enclosed).
  5. Location(metropolitan areas are cheaper because of the abundance of car shipping companies).
  6. Seasonality(shipping in winter to warmer areas is expensive due to supply and demand fluctuations).