Auto Transport City FAQs

Getting the right auto transport company to address your auto transport services is very important. Having the ideal and the best car moving company will not only save you a lot of cash because it will also ensure that your vehicle will reach your desired destination in a secured and timely manner. With the right vehicle transport service, you will no longer worry about them mishandling your automobile because they are made up of experienced professionals. With them, you can conveniently sit back wait until your vehicle is delivered.

For people who never availed of such services before, but are planning to do so in the future or even right at the moment, we will explain to you how our site can help you address your needs. Although Auto Transport City only provides the quotes, we delight in providing you information about everything related to auto transport.

Here are the top 8 Frequently Asked Questions from our clients which will somehow help you understand how the whole process works:

After booking

How long will it take to ship my car?

The period for the delivery of your vehicle usually depends on your specified location and date of pick up. If it is within the route of the shipping company or the distance from the place of pick up to its destination is not that far, then expect a shorter time for shipping. However, certain factors such as the weather can also affect the shipping time.

Before choosing a car company, be sure to ask them first about the estimated delivery date because it varies in every company as well. 

What papers are needed?

Just to ensure that everything is in order, auto transport services may require you to furnish them some necessary documents such as a copy of your insurance, registration, and other pertinent information. 

Is my vehicle safe?

Definitely yes! Your car is completely safe with them because they are made up professionals who are skilled and experienced at this kind of job. Their modes of shipping such as the open and enclosed carrier are definitely safe.

However, for any untoward events that may cause damage to your vehicle, you are free to contact them so they will completely answer for it. It is highly advised that you cooperate during car inspections conducted by these companies prior to pick up to ensure that they will be accountable for any damage in your vehicle.

Before you book

What should you consider first when choosing an auto transport service provider?

Knowing where the companies operate or the route of their operations are probably the most important parts and the two things that you have to consider first before you decide to avail of a certain company’s services. You have to be sure that they operate within the area that you are targeting as a destination of your vehicle to ensure that your vehicle will reach its desired location. On the other hand, knowing their route this will also help you determine how long will it take for your automobile to reach its delivery point.

The auto transport companies linked to us operate from coast to coast and all over the US. To know further details about this, you can contact our partner vehicle transport companies. 

What is the role of Auto Transport City in addressing your auto transport needs?

Auto Transport City will help address your need to move your vehicle in 2 ways:

  • You will save a lot of money though the quotes we generate.
  • You will be able to easily find the right company that will provide you the service that you need.
How much money will you save?

With our accurate way of generating car shipping rates, you will be able to easily save 50% or even up to 80% on your total auto transport costs.

What companies provide the quotes?

The quote that we generate are based on the quotes provided by the top 8 auto transport companies in the US. So you are guaranteed that their services are delivered in a professional manner.

How long is the whole process of acquiring quotations?

In as little as 30 seconds, you will get the best and most accurate quotes from the top 8 auto companies in the US.