Door-to-door Car Transport

A Feasible Delivery Option; Door-To-Door Car Transport

As soon as you are done with the booking procedure we will move you to our next step.

Upon selecting home drop off service we’ll keep you updated by notifying you with the emails and phone calls. This keeps a good balance of contact with the trucker and the company.

The bonus of this service is to avoid going to terminal and cancel out prolonged waiting. People wrongly assume that terminal to terminal delivery is quicker, perhaps they are mistaken. Terminal pick up will possibly delay your delivery period.  This is because the carrier has to wait until it’s get fully booked and move. We recommend people to avoid this facility if your are short of car delivery time. It is possible for this procedure to take up to weeks. This will leave your car stranded at the terminal waiting for a carrier to pick it up. With the facility of door-to-door car transport there will not be any additional delay and you need to keep your car ready right away.

It is also made sure if your location suits an over sized carrier and have enough space for auto hauling. All the loading unloading process happens in front you and you can inspect clearly. With this you can make your own inspection report and can also get it from the trucker straight away.

All this includes insurance for your vehicle to avoid any mismanagement. The rates provided are always flexible and we try to lower them as much as possible.

The last procedure is the payment that could be cash or funds transfer. You are allowed to loose the full payment once the car has reached it’s destination. Door-to-door car transport cost you a little higher than usual as it requires extra distance coverage and additional coverage.