Car shipping

Car shipping

Car Shipping

In the US Car shipping is a big industry. When relocating to a new destination we prefer to ship our cars instead of driving. Whether buying a vehicle online from a different state or selling it to the person located in a different state, it needs to be shipped. For this reason, car carrier trailer is used to ship the vehicles. However, there are two types of car carrier trailers. Open carrier and Enclosed carrier are the most effective car carrier trailers.

Although, these efficient trailers are usually used for the new cars. When transporting the vehicles from the manufacturer to the local vehicle distributors. However, in the US and elsewhere, car carriers are used for the transportation of used cars as well. In fact, these trailers are huge in size and can carry up to 9-10 vehicles. Furthermore, these efficient trailers use the method called Fifth-wheel coupling. This coupling provides a link between the semi-trailer and a dolly.

Car Shipping Trailers

Therefore, auto transportation companies use these trailers for the car shipping. Open carrier trailer has a double-decker design with the powerful hydraulics. In addition, the ramp floor and tied chains allow more safety of vehicles (as opposed to flatbed trailers). On the other hand, enclosed carrier use a double-decker box trailer which provides more protection. Since this type of auto transportation uses an enclosed box. It provides additional safety from the outward threats such as bad weather, raining, and dust. Luxury vehicles and New cars owners use car shipping with enclosed carrier trailers.

Best Car Shipping Services

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