Car Moving

Car Moving

Understanding Your Car Moving Contract

When it comes to car moving companies, Auto Transport City takes pride in having a network of reputable and trusted vehicle shipping companies. If you need to know anything about a certain company (especially the prices and services they offer). The best place to go to would be Auto Transport City. Our company is a one-stop-shop on everything you need about car moving. Not only do we generate results in just 30 seconds, we are also partners with the best car transport companies in the United States.

Our company can provide you a quotation of the different services. Offered by the top 8 car moving companies in the country. Once you’ve gotten hold of this report. You are then free to contact which company you feel suits you and your needs best. However, before entering into a service contract with a particular company, you should check out the provisions of the said agreement.

Pick-Up and Delivery Dates

Most car moving companies don’t give you definite time and date regarding the pick-up and delivery of your vehicles. As a result, these services are impeded by a lot of factors. But if the car moving company you chose to enter into a contract with promised to pick-up and deliver your vehicle door-to-door at a specified time and date. You should make them accountable for it. If they fail to meet the schedule, you can ask for a discount or a freebie.


Like many other things in our lives, car moving also has insurance. Although damage to vehicles is rare during the transportation. Insured vehicles are preferred. Before entering into an agreement, as the car moving company to show you a copy of the insurance contract. The procedures on how to claim insurance (just in case of vehicular damage) must also be written in your contract. Making sure that your vehicles are insured while they are in transport is an important factor in the checklist. Forgetting to make sure that you’re chosen car moving company has insurance. It may create a big problem for you if something untoward happens to your vehicle.

Hidden Fees

Credit card bills have them. Mobile phone bills have them. Well, car shipping companies have hidden fees too. When car moving, make sure that the contract you entered into is binding and includes all the necessary fees to move your vehicle from one point to another. Don’t give the car moving company a chance to put in hidden fees there such as delayed shipment fees, terminal fees, and many others. For example, every time that your car’s arrival gets delayed, the company should be the one to pay for the terminal fees incurred during its stay in the pick-up location.

Every change you make in the car moving contract must be signed by both parties. In the same manner, you must not enter into a verbal agreement as this can be opposed by the company. Make sure that all you have agreed upon are written down in the contract so that you have a foolproof document to show them once something unpleasant happens.